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NOTE: Are you looking for the List of all MV Portals Permissions?

Multiverse Portals Permissions

Multiverse-Portals allows you to control who can use portals via permissions! When you create a portal, it automatically creates a permission: multiverse.portal.access.PORTALNAME. If a player has multiverse.portal.access.PORTALNAME, then they can use that portal.

For this reason, Portals are case insensitive, meaning MyPortal is the same as myportal.


If you have certain groups that you want to exempt from payments, you can give those groups the specific exemption permission: multiverse.portal.exempt.PORTALNAME.

Fill Portal

If you have certain groups that you want to allow to fill portals (with lava/water), you can give those groups the specific fill permission: multiverse.portal.fill.PORTALNAME.

*They must also have multiverse.portal.access.PORTALNAME

Note 1

If players do not have multiverse.access.WORLDNAME (the world access permission) of the destination of the portal they will be denied access. Here's an example:

Portal A (in world) goes to Portal C (in world3) Player fernferret has:
multiverse.portal.access.* and
but not multiverse.access.world3

He will be denied access to use Portal C.

Note 2

If you would like to let all of your users use all portals and go to all worlds, use the following commands:
NOTE: These var names may not be right... Need to double check the names...

/mv conf enforceaccess false

/mvp conf enforceportalaccess false