Front-end redesign for Multiverse Miner
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Multiverse Miner [front]

Not used! See MultiverseMiner

Front-end redesign for Multiverse Miner. In similar fashion to Multiverse Miner project, not all of the art elements are under open source license, however you can feel free to play with the code.

###Before you post an issue It's an initial release (or alpha release if you prefer), not everything has assigned action to it, images are not optimized, some actions have no fail-safe etc. Just keep in mind it may not be broken, it may just not be there at all yet.


  1. Install NodeJS and Ruby
  2. npm install -g grunt-cli bower
  3. gem install sass
  4. npm install && bower install
  5. grunt dev

####Resources Planet renders by ocd1c
Game icons