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Realtime Code Collaboration Plugin v1.0.0 (alpha)

This is plugin for Microsoft Visual Studio Code which enables real-time collaboration of files.

Github link for UI : (The development of this is still on!)



  • Real time code collaboration with team members
  • Can create teams using a seperate web interface


VS Code

Initial Setup

Install NodeJS:

Install the following using npm

  • Typescript - npm install -g typescript
  • Firebase - npm install firebase

How to Install

First Download the project or clone

git clone <github-repo-url>

Now open the project in VS Code Editor

Navigate to extension.ts file

Now to run the extension -

Press CTRL + F5 to Run the extension.ts

A new window will open with the extension loaded

Open any project file to collaborate

To start the collaboration use CTRL + SHIFT + P
Write `start wire` in that extension loading box.
A new dialog box will open at the top to get the username and then the password
For testing purpose we have created two usernames and passwords
1. Username -   Password - rootuser
2. Username -   Password - rootuser

Feel free to use them and give it a try

Wait for the login till you get a dialog box saying 'You have logged in as'

Once you get this, you are done! You are collaborating

Note - If you want to collaborate, both the systems must have logged in and also the file name and its extension must be the same




  • Aplications to this system can be numerous. Few of the applications are listed below:
  • Real time code collaboration for programmers with their favourite code editor for their comfort
  • A real time code collaboration team viewer system
  • For online tutors to share and help other students to debug their code
  • This can also be used for the purpose of interviews during the technical round to test the students with their coding skills
  • And many more ...


  • Currently the extension uses firebase. We plan to convert it to websockets.
  • To make it more fast and reliable, the local server code hosting feature is to be added. It will also increase code security.
  • More ideas are invited...

We will be publishing our package on VS Code Extensions Market soon