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WatchDroid application is based on keylogger i.e. a type of surveillance software (considered to be either software or spyware) which has the capability to record every keystroke you make to a log file. WatchDroid is specially developed for parents for spying on their kids. It can be also used for checking unnecessary actions on their mobile. WatchDroid can record instant messages and any information you type at any time using your keyboard. It also captures document content, passwords, user ID’s, and other potentially sensitive bits of information. WatchDroid also has an additional feature, which is an advanced pin protection mechanism than the traditional pin method with a small change. The user has to set 2 index positions and in those positions, he has to enter two numbers which will be set as password numbers for the application. When the user tries to open the app he will be asked to enter a password. When the user enters the correct number in correct position then and then only app will be unlocked.

Watchdroid has following features:

1. Keylogging.
2. Automatically starts on boot.
3. New pin protection system.
4. Able to hide or unhide application icon.
5. Ale to send log filt through mail.

Guidelines for using WatchDroid

1. Install the app

       * Give Permissions (Android 6.0+ Devices need storage permission)
2. Activate WatchDroid

       * After installation, go to the system’s settings.
       * Go to language and input.
       * In keyboard and input method options, enable WatchDroid keyboard. 
       * Set WatchDroid keyboard as your default keyboard.
3. Set pin

       * Open the app.
       * Go to Settings tab.
       * In Password section, select enable password.
       * Set the password
              a. Enter First index position and enter the desired number for that index position.
              b. Enter Second index position and enter the desired number for that index position.
              c. Save the pin.
4. Hide and unhide app

       * Hiding the app
              a. Open the app.
              b. Go to Setting tab.
              c. Select Hide icon from Hide icon option.
       * Accessing the hidden app
              a. Go to system dialer.
              b. Type ”*#*#111222#*#*”.
       * Unhide the app 
              a. Open the app.
              b. Go to Setting tab.
              c. Unselect Hide icon from Hide icon option.
5. Sending mail
       * Open the app.
       * Click on send mail icon a the top.
       * Enter your email address.
       * Click on send mail.
       * Your mail will be send.