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Doodle anywhere, anytime with anything!


Whiteboard screencasting is all the rage for creating educational videos like those featured in the Khan Academy. The high cost of the input devices used by the tutors for making of these videos, makes it infeasible for the amateur tutors to make a online tutorial. FrugalDoodle is our attempt at helping the tutors to create their own tutorials at a very efficient cost. The other applications of the project are in business meetings and presentations.


Click the below image to view the video

FrugalDoodle Demo

Use Instructions

The user draws on any flat surface with a pen/pencil having detectable coloured tip. A smartphone running our application is placed above the drawing area with the camera facing the surface. The smartphone app will be communicating with the desktop app through a WiFi network. User's pen tip movements will be traced by the application. Whatever the user scribbles on the surface will be drawn by the desktop app on the screen. The desktop app also includes options for changing colours, erasing, changing the size of the tip, clear screen, etc. The user can switch between writing and hovering mode by pressing and releasing left-mouse key respectively. Thus, allowing the user to use an interactive digital pen and display the notes of the tutor without any extra hardware.


  • Desktop/Laptop
  • Smartphone
  • Pen/Pencil with a coloured tip


Download the Android app from following link:

FrugalDoodle Android App

For executing the desktop app, the following packages must be installed:

  • PyQt5
  • wireless
  • qrcode
  • access_points

Use pip3 to install the requirements:

$ pip3 install pyqt5 wireless qrcode access_points

After installing run the following command in the desktop directory:

$ python3


  • OpenCV
  • Android
  • QT Desktop