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There have been a few news reports in the recent past where dummy students were sent in place of the actual candidates. This issue has been reported mainly from mofussil town colleges. To prevent this in a manner which is not resource constrained for these colleges, we present our solution.

Use Case

  1. The college official takes a photo of the candidate and generates a QR which is printed out that includes the candidates name, photo and QR code
  2. On the day of the examination, the candidate presents the paper containing the QR code to the code invigilator. The invigilator scans the QR code and the system provides the name and the picture of the candidate that is associated with the QR.
  3. The invigilator approves the candidate after verifying both the set of information matches. If not, the invigilator flags down the candidate and makes him ineligible to take up the examination