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Radverkehrsführung im Kreisverkehr

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Beispiel Niederlande:

"Where cycle tracks cross roundabout entries and exits, motor vehicle speed must be reduced to achieve safe, equitable speeds where conflicts with bicycle riders occur. To safely provide for bicycle riders at roundabouts, bicycle lanes marked within the circulating space should be avoided on new roundabouts...Where separated cycle tracks are used at a roundabout on an urban cycle route, the design should include bicycle priority crossings at all legs. Bicycle priority crossings are designed in conjunction with pedestrian crossings...bicycle priority crossings should be located on a raised platform road hump to further highlight the possible conflict area and achieve safe vehicle speed." (Department of Transport and Main Roads, State of Queensland, 2015).

Abb.1: Kreisverkehr mit Radverkehrsführung. Original Image Credits: QIMBY Lizenz: Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universell-Lizenz
Text: Selection and Design of Cycle Tracks, Department of Transport and Main Roads, State of Queensland (2015), p.40-41


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