Working on adding Wagtail CMS and new website design together.
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Basic Development Notes

I highly doubt someone is going to add upon this, but it's likely since Wagtail is new, someone will look at this for referencing purposes.

I created a dummy layout and design in order to revamp my personal website here .

Now I'm learning Django and Wagtail concurrently to build the web application version of the website. This is currently WIP as I'm chugging along and duking it out. My progress has been bits and pieces but hopefully will be overcome.

Virtual Environments

In order to run this, you will need to create a virtual environment.

  1. If you haven't done so, look up how to install a virtual environment-making capabilities onto your machine here.

  2. Afterwards, you will need to take whatever requirements.txt info I have, and install those to your virtual environment.

    1. Activate your virtual environment by doing:

      source env/bin/activate, I'm assuming your virtual environment is called env.

    2. pip install -r requirements.txt does the trick

Then there's the usual python runserver and whatever else you've learned from Django and the Wagtail documentation.

Ex: creating a superuser to access the administration panel, or you may have to override the username and password for development purposes, I'm sure there's something on stackoverflow for that. Since I'm not aware on what is needed as I have not cloned my own project, I'm not sure.