Add command-line option to control output placement #2

msiebuhr opened this Issue Jan 26, 2013 · 2 comments

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Add something like -o / --output, to control where output goes. (Instead of just assetviz.html.


I was considering default output to stdout, but decided against it since it seems very few web developers are used to lowlevel unix tools.

But maybe I should do that afterall if there is also an -o switch


I rather feel the trend is going towards not spewing massive amounts of machine-designated output to peoples terminals.

I.e. making -o/--ouput mandatory, but allowing it to be set to - for stdout.

@Munter Munter added a commit that closed this issue Jan 27, 2013
@Munter Added --output switch to define output filename. '-' pipes output to …
…console. Default to './assetviz.html' if undefined. Closes #2
@Munter Munter closed this in 1818fe7 Jan 27, 2013
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