Repository for physical data of dense plasmas (e.g., VACF, g(r), EOS, <Z>, etc.).
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Dense Plasma Properties Database

This repo contains various forms of data that characterize the physical properties of dense plasmas. The data source is either computational or experimental. The current data was obtained from published results, digitized and stored in CSV files.

Each file includes a header that describes its content and source.

We are also developing a Jupyter notebook for easy viewing of the database. An example Jupyter notebook is included here, but it is only here as a test; please don't try to use it directly, but use it as motivation for building your own tool.

This database was initially built by:

  • Mathieu Marciante (LANL)
  • Liam Stanton (LLNL)
  • Michael S. Murillo (MSU)

Jump to here to access the data!

This database grew out of a project aimed to understand the relative accuracy of a wide variety of high-fidelity physics models and the simplest reasonable pair potential model for large variations of temperature, density and nuclear charge. The results of this metastudy was first presented by Marciante at the transport coefficient workshop held at SNL; that talk is included here for reference. The metastudy itself was initiated as a data-driven approach toward understanding the needs of the computational dense plasma community for program development purposes.

The data in the current database was obtained through meticulous digitization of plots found in the literature. In the future we will add data here directly from the authors.