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Musare is an open-source collaborative music listening and catalogue curation application. Currently supporting YouTube based content.

A production demonstration instance of Musare can be found at



  • Playlists
    • User and admin created playlists
    • Automatically generated playlists for genres
    • Privacy configuration
    • Liked and Disliked songs playlists per user
    • Bulk import videos from YouTube playlist
    • Add songs from verified catalogue or YouTube videos
    • Ability to download in JSON format
  • Stations
    • DJs - Allow other users to manage the station queue
    • Requests - Toggleable module to allow users to add songs to the queue
      • Configurable access level and per user request limit
      • Automatically request songs from selected playlists
      • Ability to search for songs from verified catalogue or YouTube videos
    • Autofill - Toggleable module to allow owners or DJs to configure automatic filling of the queue from selected playlists
      • Configurable song limit
      • Play mode option to randomly play many playlists, or sequentially play one playlist
      • Ability to search for playlists on Musare
    • Ability to blacklist playlists to prevent songs within from playing
    • Themes
    • Privacy configuration
    • Favoriting
    • Official stations controlled by admins
    • User created and controlled stations
    • Pause playback just in local session
    • Station-wide pausing by admins, owners or DJs
    • Vote to skip songs
    • Force skipping song by admins, owners or DJs
  • Song Management
    • Verify songs to allow them to be searched for and added to automatically generated genre playlists
    • Discogs integration to import metadata
    • Ability for users to report issues with songs and admins to resolve
    • Configurable skip duration and song duration to cut intros and outros
    • Import YouTube playlists or channels from admin area
    • Import Album to associate Discogs album data with media in bulk
    • Bulk admin management of songs
    • Create songs from scratch or from YouTube videos
  • YouTube
    • Monitor and manage API requests and quota usage
    • Configure API quota limits
    • YouTube video management
  • Users
    • Activity logs
    • Profile page showing public playlists and activity logs
    • Text or gravatar profile pictures
    • Email or Github login/registration
    • Preferences to tailor site usage
    • Password reset
    • Data deletion management
    • ActivityWatch integration
    • Admin and moderator roles
  • Punishments
    • Ban users
    • Ban IPs
  • News
    • Admins can add/edit/remove news items
    • Markdown editor
  • Night Mode
  • Administration
    • Admin area to manage instance
    • Configurable data tables
      • Reorder, resize, sort by and toggle visibility of columns
      • Advanced queries
    • Bulk management
    • View backend statistics
    • Limited administration privileges granted to moderators


Get in touch with us via email at