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A collection of open-source museum projects
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A collection of open-source museum projects. This is simply a list of organizations active on github along with a list of "featured projects" hopefully of interest to the broader community. It will attempt to be a more open replacement for the lost MuseTechCentral resource.

My aim is to eventually model this after the JQuery Plugin site, where repos can opt-in by including a manifest and a post-receive hook. For now, a list:



  • Serendip-o-matic

    • Source code for serendipitous discovery tool built at One Week ¦ One Tool open-source software-development institute that includes results from DPLA, Europeana (and now Trove). More national and topic aggregators would be ace!
  • Museum APIs

    • Bits of (really quite old) PHP code used to access various museum APIs.
  • The Museum System API

    • Services to access basic TMS tombstone and object package data. Services are written in .NET, clients are jQuery.
  • si-scrape

    • A set of Ruby scripts to scrape information from the Smithsonian Institution's collections portal, and parse it into machine-readable JSON.
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