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Dragalia Lost simulator and study of mechanics.
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dragalia lost sim and analysis


python adv/[someone].py [loglevel(-4,-3,-2,-1,0,1,2)] [time] [ex/co-abilities]


  • -4: generate a acl recursive result
  • -3: generate a WP set recursive result
  • -2: generate a comma seperate result for www use
  • -1: generate a single line result
  • 1: generate a verbose log
  • 2: generate a verbose verbose log

Ex-Skill / Co-abilities k: blade r: wand d: dagger b: bow

  • python adv/

show basic result of Mikoto's simulation

  • python adv/ 1

show result and combo loop of Maribelle

  • python adv/ -2 180 kr show result of Gala Sarisse for 180s with blade and dagger ex/co-abilities

  • python adv/ -3 > xander_wp_set.csv

then you can use excel to open that csv and sort the result by dps to choose the best WP set.



  • core: simulate engine
  • adv: Try to simulate adventurer's damage. Contains charactor unique skill process function, ActionList(like APL in simcraft for wow), and you can change default equip to specific one.
  • conf: configure of default skill data to simulate, read frame data from framedata folder, configure default wp/dragon equiped.
  • wep: Contains config of weapons' frame and damage data.
  • module: Contains bleed now.
  • framedata: Pictures that have frames number in it. Source of data in adventures and weapons config.
  • mechanics: The study of DL's mechanics, Lots of test data, formula, (Warning: lots of Chinese inside)
  • slot: defination of weapons, amulets(wrymprints), dragons.
  • abilities: defination abilities.

Acl syntax

# a = b
`action, condition
`action2, condition2 or condithon3=4
# c = d

after # is prepare language, prepare language will execute before action language

after ` is action you want to do when condition is true, if this action can't be execute, then passthrough next action

this acl will be translate into

if condition:
    if action():
if condition2 or condition3==4:
    if action2():

build-in action

  • s1
  • s2
  • s3
    weapon skill
  • fs
    forse strike
  • fsf forse strike(failed)
  • dodge

build-in condition

  • s1.charged >= s1.sp
    Skill 1 is ready.
  • s2.charged > 2000:
    S2 is charged more than 2000sp.
  • cancel
    At the timing that c1~c5 and fs just have dealt damage(shot the missile for ranged unit)
  • x
    At the timing that c1~c5 just have dealt damage(shot the missile for ranged unit)
  • fsc
    At the timing that fs just have dealt damage(shot the missile for ranged unit)
  • sp
    At the timing of sp gain. (usefull for ranged dps to acknowledge their missile hitting target)
  • seq=1
    At the timing from c1 to c2, any event can trigger that.
  • seq=5
    At the timing from c5 to c5 recovery
  • s=2
    Right after s2 proc (the moment as soon as possible you can cast next skill)
  • sx=3
    Right after s3 proc. If you are doing normal attack, wait for the cancel timing.
    that is useful for skill shorter than 1.9s. In that case, even if the skill end, you cannot find you skill button in the sreen but can only tap attack to wait the button comeback.
    PS: auto controled unit don't have that limit
  • now()<10
    the simulation time less than 10 seconds.
  • pin='prep' after skill prep (happened at sim start for those who have a skill prep)

Rotation method

use acl


add conf.rotation and conf.rotation_init
rotation_init will do only once before rotation the rotation will reset to the beginning if it ends

conf['rotation'] = "c4fsc4fss1c4fsc4fss1c3s2c4fsc4fss1c1s3"

space, linefeed, tabulators are ignored in the rotation
you can make a readable rotation like this

conf['rotation'] = """
    c4fs c4fs s1
    c4fs c4fs s1
    c3 s2
    c4fs c4fs s1
    c1 s3

Adventurer ability information

Adventurer passives are programmed in their individual adv/ modules.

  • Each ability is named a1, etc., records a tuple of (name, value, cond)
  • See dl.ability.Ability for how name translates


The code uses a lot of abbreviations. Here is a decoder ring for many of them:

  • att - attack (as in attack modifier)
  • x - basic attack (as part of, e.g., a C5 combo)
  • fs - force strike
  • fsf - force strike (failed)
  • s (as in s1, s2) - skill
  • ex - ex-skill(co-abilities)
  • buff - buff
  • iv - interval
  • dot - damage over time
  • m (as in mtype, morder) - modifier
  • crit - critical
  • ac - action
  • sp - skill points
  • pin - the moment when think() been called
  • cb - callback
  • spd - speed
  • acl - access control list (not really, just a DSL for specifying adventurer behavior, like apl in wow simc)
  • dmg - damage
  • wt - weapon type
  • slots.c - character
  • slots.w - weapon
  • slots.d - dragon
  • slots.a - amulet(wyrmprints)
  • a_ (as in a_s1) - denotes an action
  • l_ (as in l_x) - denotes a listener
  • m_ (as in m_condition) - denotes a Python module
  • solid - computes the expected value of a modifier (this is the one that actually gets used)
  • rand - randomly samples based on the probability
  • coef - coefficient
  • proc -

Adventurer stats

Adventurer stats are stored in conf/adv\_data.csv and read into the Conf object (conf/ All skill damage assumes full upgrades.

  • sX\_hitdmg how much percent damage skill X hits for (not used yet)
  • sX\_hits how many hits the skill does (not used yet)
  • sX\_sp SP cost of the skills
  • sX\_dmgpc this is most likely just sX\_hitdmg * sX\_hits, but this is the real column we use, since there is some skill that deals 3 hits of 255% and 1 hit of 319% veronica for example.)
  • sX\_buff describes what buff the skill gives. Buff is described as semicolon separated list:
    • Target of the buff ('team', 'self', 'debuff'); this can e omitted in which case you get an ordinary 'Buff'
    • The rest of the buff arguments, as defined by the Buff/Teambuff/etc classes. Typically, these arguments are:
      • Value of the buff
      • Duration of the buff
      • Optional modifier type of the buff (e.g., att, x, fs, s, crit; defaults to att)
      • Optional modifier order of the buff (e.g., rate, chance, buff; defaults to chance for crit modifiers, and buff otherwise)
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