@jichulkim jichulkim released this Mar 7, 2016 · 17 commits to master since this release

Release Notes

Version 1.2.1 improves simulation stability and fixes bugs in version 1.2.


  • Made single-monomial connections (types '2freq', '3freq', '3freqAll') more stable with a new way of computing monomial values
  • Made type '3freqAll' connections more stable by masking out nonresonant connections

Added Features

  • Added optional input arguments 'scale' and 'noScale' to networkMake.m and connectAdd.m, used for forcing frequency scaling (to linear frequency networks) and no scaling (to log frequency networks), respectively

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bugs in stimulusMake.m that caused
    • errors for type 'mid' stimuli (incorrect local function calls)
    • incorrect time step (s.dt) for resampled type 'wav' stimuli
  • Fixed bug that assigns incorrect source indices for type '3freq' connections
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@jichulkim jichulkim released this Feb 19, 2016 · 35 commits to master since this release

Release Notes

Version 1.2 brings major changes in model structure and function syntax. Most of the changes were already made for version 1.1, but it included backward compatibility code that allows the use of old syntax. We removed all backward compatibility code in version 1.2. Use version 1.1.1 to run scripts written in the old syntax.

Major Updates

  • More than one stimulus can be used now, requiring stimulusMake.m to take id as input
  • A connection must be set up to drive a network with a stimulus, by calling connectAdd.m
    • Plastic connection is possible between a stimulus and a network
  • Stimuli are included in the model structure as a cell array of structures (e.g. M.s{id})


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@lerud lerud released this Feb 17, 2016 · 76 commits to master since this release

Release Notes

  • Added '3freqall', '3freq', 'active' connection types.
  • Made tolerance for '2freq' connection type an optional input.
  • Fixed misalignment of connection images and tick marks.
  • Added more options for type 'wav' stimuli.
  • Added graphics compatibility to GUIs and outputDisplay for MATLAB versions 2014b and later.
  • Fixed bug in stimulusParser from v1.1 for type 'wav' stimuli.
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Feb 10, 2016


GrfNN Toolbox Version 1.1