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This is a dockerized music bot named Mumble-Ruby-Pluginbot. It contains the bot itself and an MPD server.

The bot uses the current devel branch with many new features compared to the master branch.

Debian or Ubuntu?

This dockerfile works both with Debian and Ubuntu. It was originally created for Debian but then changed a little to work with Ubuntu also because Ubuntu uses a more recent version of MPD. If you experience problems where the bot disconnects when handling radio streams you should use Ubuntu as an image, see first line of the Dockerfile.

The default is Ubuntu though.


Port 7701 is exposed.

Use for example "-p" to bind it to localhost inside of the host only.

ENV variabled

See Dockerfile for all variables.


You may specify the volumes:

  • "/home/botmaster/music"
  • "/home/botmaster/temp"
  • "/home/botmaster/certs"
  • "/home/botmaster/mpd1/playlists/"

Build it

    docker build -t mumblerubypluginbot .

Running the Bot

    docker run -d -t --name bot1 \
     -v /somehostfolder/music:/home/botmaster/music \
     -v /somehostfolder/temp:/home/botmaster/temp \
     -v /somehostfolder/certs:/home/botmaster/certs \
     -v /somehostfolder/playlists:/home/botmaster/mpd1/playlists/ \
     -e MUMBLE_BITRATE="60000" \
     -e MUMBLE_HOST="m.natenom.com" \
     -e MUMBLE_PORT="64738" \
     -e MUMBLE_CHANNEL="Bottest" \
     -e MUMBLE_PASSWORD="supersecretpw" \

If you omit all -e variables the bot connects to m.natenom.com into our Bottest channel.

Configure mumble-ruby-pluginbot

See conf/override_config.yml which is an override config. That means you only need to add settings you want to be overwritten.

Configure mpd

See conf/mpd.conf which is the complete configuration file.


The Dockerfile is mainly a script made from the documentation you can find at http://mumble-ruby-pluginbot.readthedocs.io/en/master/installation_howto.html.

Docker commands for the bot

Watching the log

docker exec -t -i container_name tail -n1 -f /home/botmaster/logs/bot1.log