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w0rthy's Array Visualizer, Revamped - Over 75 Sorting Algorithms with 12 Different Visuals


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w0rthy's Array Visualizer, Revamped


DEPRECATED - Visit the new home of ArrayV over here where I'll be contributing from time to time! I'll be working on a brand new algorithm visualizer of my own over the next few months, so stay tuned... Visit our community Discord for updates!!

Over 75 sorting algorithms animated with 12 unique graphic designs

Follow the project's development behind-the-scenes in our Discord:

This new version of the program features additions inspired by Timo Bingmann's "The Sound of Sorting" and w0rthy's updates to the original visualizer.

To compile (After -cp, use ";" with Windows and ":" with Mac/Linux):

java -cp bin;lib/classgraph-4.8.47.jar main.ArrayVisualizer

To build a runnable jar, simply run Apache Ant inside the 'dist' directory!


  • 40+ new sorting algorithms
  • Updated visuals and sound effects
  • You can select different array sizes now
  • New shuffle types, including reversed, mostly similar numbers, almost sorted, and already sorted
  • Skip Sort button
  • Softer sounds toggle
  • A real time in milliseconds estimate
  • Toggle shuffle animation
  • Toggle Timo Bingmann's "end sweep" animation
  • Refactored / optimized code

6/8/2020 - Version 3.5

  • NEW VISUALS: Sine Wave and Wave Dots!!
  • New sort: Bogobogosort
  • The bogo shuffle method is now unbiased
  • MultipleSortThreads further refactored
  • Visuals, VisualStyles enum, and Renderer significantly refactored (more to come!)

6/4/2020 - Version 3.2

  • New sort: Optimized Cocktail Shaker Sort
  • Significant refactoring for MultipleSortThreads and RunAllSorts
  • "Run All" button approx. time simplified
  • Modified delays for Binary Gnomesort
  • Documentation of GCC's median-of-three pivot selection in Introsort

6/3/2020 - Version 3.12

  • Counting Sort fixed
  • Optimized Bubblesort now optimized for already sorted inputs
  • Speeds for Quicksorts and Weave Merge during "Run All Sorts" improved

6/2/2020 - Version 3.11

  • Minor update to MIT license
  • Fixed typo in Flipped Min Heapsort
  • Improved highlights on Heapsorts (Already sorted heaps now display redundant comparisons)
  • Bug fix for Patiencesort on reversed arrays
  • Quicksorts exhibiting worst-case behavior during "Run All Sorts" run much faster
  • Same tweak as above to Weave Merge Sort

5/30/2020 - Version 3.1

  • Error messages with detailed information will now appear within the program!
  • Sound effects are now consistent on all platforms
  • New sort: "Flipped Min Heap Sort" by 'landfillbaby'!
  • Minor changes to code organization
  • New webhook to my Discord server! Check it out here:

5/22/2020 - Version 3.01

  • Quick bug fix to the "Linked Dots" visual; The first line is no longer horizontal.

5/21/2020 - Version 3.0 is now released!

  • Sound effects are much more pleasant at slower speeds
  • Revamped "Run All Sorts" (It is now easier to create your own sequence of sorts!)
  • More accurate delay algorithm
  • Improved random shuffle algorithm (now with 0% bias!)
  • Cleaner statistics
  • Sort an array up to 16,384 (2^14) numbers!
  • The "green sweep" animation also verifies an array is properly sorted after watching a sort. If a sort fails, a warning message pops up, highlighting where the first out-of-order item is.
  • Minor tweak to the sort time method. It should be a slight bit more accurate now.
  • Slowsort and Sillysort's comparisons are now shown.
  • Gravity Sort has a more detailed visual now
  • Pancake Sorting is fixed
  • Counting Sort is fixed
  • Holy Grail Sort is enabled, but just note that it's a mock algorithm; not finished yet.
  • "Auxillary" typo fixed; program now says 'Writes to Auxiliary Array(s)'
  • Bug fixes and minor tweaks
    • Minor fixes to "Skip Sort" button
    • Weird static line bug with linked dots squashed
    • Other miscellaneous fixes and changes here and there

10/19/2019 - Version 2.1

  • Both Odd-Even Mergesorts now display comparisons
  • PDQSort's Insertion Sorts have been slowed down
  • New sorts, courtesy of Piotr Grochowski (
    • Iterative Pairwise Sorting Network
    • Recursive Pairwise Sorting Network
    • Recursive Combsort

10/13/2019 - Version 2.0 is now released!

  • Now includes 73 sorting algorithms, with 2 more that will be finished in the future
    • NEW SORTS:
      • Unoptimized Bubble Sort
      • Rotation-based In-Place Merge Sort
      • "Lazy Stable Sort" from Andrey Astrelin's GrailSort
      • Grail sorting with a static buffer
      • Grail sorting with a dynamic buffer
      • Andrey Astrelin's "SqrtSort"
      • CircleSort
      • Introspective CircleSort
      • Orson Peters' "Pattern-Defeating Quicksort" (PDQSort)
      • Branchless PDQSort
      • Morween's implementation of "Poplar Heapsort"
      • Recursive Binary Quicksort
      • Iterative Binary Quicksort
      • Iterative Bitonic Sort
      • Iterative Odd-Even Mergesort
      • "Bubble Bogosort"
      • "Exchange Bogosort"
      • Treesort
      • Optimized Gnomesort with Binary Search
      • "Cocktail Mergesort" (
      • NOTE: "Quick Shell Sort" has been removed.
  • Significantly refactored code, more object-oriented
  • Optimized visuals -- the program runs smoother than ever!
  • Plug-and-play functionality -- using classgraph, you can now easily add your own sorting algorithms to the program! Documentation on that will be available in the future.
  • Sort delay system redesigned -- you can now change the speed of the program in the middle of a delayed compare or swap
  • Speed dialogue is now disabled while other windows are open
  • WikiSort no longer gets stuck on sorting its internal buffer
  • Tweaks to TimSort, mostly reimplementing its binary insertion sort
  • Binary Insertion Sort is now stable
  • The write/swap counts for inputs already sorted are fixed
  • The main/auxillary array write counts for Bottom-up Merge are fixed
  • Shuffling the array now clears the statistics
  • The highest pitches of the program's sound effects are fixed
  • Speeds for the "green sweep" and shuffling animations have been tweaked
  • Shatter Sort's highlights slightly tweaked
  • GrailSort's highlights slightly tweaked


  • Certain sorts (comb sort, radix sorts) cause the program to forget the current speed
  • Certain sorts do not work with the "Skip Sort" button
  • Missing soundfont
  • SkaSort and HolyGrailSort produce errors -- this is normal, they aren't finished yet
  • No circular pointer -- will be fixed soon


  • Javadocs!!
  • SkaSort
  • "Holy Grail Sort"
  • Options to:
    • Enter in your own set of numbers
    • Select CombSort gap sequence
    • Select ShellSort gap sequence
    • Change TimSort "minrun" value
    • Change IntroSort threshold for insertion/heap sort
    • Change Simple Shatter Sort rate(?)
    • Stop Run All Sorts(?)
    • Stop TimeSort(?)
  • Pre-shuffled arrays
  • Organize list of sorts into more categories
  • Run All Sorts in specific category
  • Subheadings for customizable sorts (e.g. display the number of buckets during a bucket sort)
  • "Many Similar" distribution ((i/5) * 5, as an example)
  • "Pipe organ" distribution (half ascending, half descending)
  • Fixed circular pointer with much cleaner math
  • Toogle between pointer and black bar with circular visuals
  • Refactor/reorganize prompts and frames
  • Cleaner:
    • Tree Sort
    • getters/setters
    • method parameters
  • Small organizational changes

If you are experiencing performance issues in Windows 10, look here:

An executable .jar file is available in the dist folder. Have fun!

Videos this program is featured in:


w0rthy's Array Visualizer, Revamped - Over 75 Sorting Algorithms with 12 Different Visuals







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