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Join the chat at Musicoin Improvement Proposals (MCIPs) describe standards for the Musicoin platform, including core protocol specifications, money policies, client APIs, and contract standards.


First review MCIP-1. Then clone the repository and add your MCIP to it. There is a template MCIP here. Then submit a Pull Request to Musicoin's MCIPs repository.

MCIP status terms

  • Draft - an MCIP that is open for consideration
  • Accepted - an MCIP that is planned for immediate adoption, i.e. expected to be included in the next hard fork (for Core/Consensus layer MCIPs).
  • Final - an MCIP that has been adopted in a previous hard fork (for Core/Consensus layer MCIPs).
  • Deferred - an MCIP that is not being considered for immediate adoption. May be reconsidered in the future for a subsequent hard fork.

MCIPs under consideration

Number Title Author Layer Status

Accepted MCIPs (planned for adoption)

Number Title Author Layer Status

Finalized MCIPs (standards that have been adopted)

Number Title Author Layer Status