The official Musicoin Desktop Wallet Application
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Musicoin Wallet

The official Musicoin Desktop Wallet

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Nightly builds over at

Musicoin Wallet 1.5

Nightly Builds

Nightly builds for all supported Operating Systems can be found over at

Supported Operating systems:

  1. Windows 7 and later - 64 bit, 32bit
  2. macOS - 64 bit
  3. Linux - 64 bit, 32bit
  4. Windows XP and older - 32bit, 64 bit

Getting started


  • node >=8.0.0
  • yarn >=1.7.0
  • Wine for windows builds on non Windows systems

Build Release version

  1. git clone && cd desktop
  2. yarn
  3. cd interface ; yarn; cd ..
  4. nw .

Build Alpha version

  1. git clone && cd desktop
  2. Delete package.json
  3. Rename package-alpha.json to package.json
  4. yarn
  5. nw .

Packaging the app

  1. git clone && cd desktop
  2. yarn --link-duplicates
  3. yarn debug - This will run in SDK mode for development.
  4. yarn build-all -or- yarn build-x86 -or- yarn build-x64 to build all packages for windows, mac, and linux. This is meant for testing or development and packaging.
  5. yarn run build -m --x64 ./ - for packaging MacOS x64. -m, -l, or -w determines the os and architecture.

Testing new interface builds

This repo contains UI modules in accordance with the last release version. To suggest changes, edit the files at interface/ and issue a PR to the desktop-interface repo.


Pull Requests and Bug Reports are most welcome.

The Wallet repo makes use of the following submodules:

  1. Default UI module
  2. go-musicoin npm package
  3. Web3 fork of musicoin

Bounty program

Specific Issues are earmarked for bounty and carry a bounty label with them. More information regarding the bounty program can be found over at BOUNTY.