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Kiwi is a real-time collaborative audio patching software.
It enables several creators to work simultaneously on a same patch hosted online and accessible from any connected terminal.

Kiwi is part of the French ANR-funded MUSICOLL project that unites the CICM and OhmForce. The main goal of this project is to study how collaboration can enhance the way digital audio music composition is taught and more generally how it can improve music creation workflow.

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Warning: Kiwi is in a heavy development stage and everything is subject to change without notice.


If you want to test Kiwi, you can download a version on the Release Page.


Kiwi's documentation can be found here. Kiwi's documentation includes:

  • A start up guide for users
  • The documentation for all objects
  • Audio processing tutorials
  • A developer guide for contributors


  • Integrate faust audio programming language
  • Improve network security


Eliott Paris Pierre Guillot Jean Millot
Eliott Paris Pierre Guillot Jean Millot



Kiwi uses the following ThirdParty libraries:

Most of the application icons are designed by Freepik and distributed by Flaticon.


You can check out the full license here

The Kiwi application is licensed under the terms of the GPLv3 license. However, Kiwi also depends on the Flip library (developed by irisate) which is NOT open-source. You will need to download a public version on their website to compile.