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import os
import re
import string
from collections import defaultdict
from difflib import SequenceMatcher
from distutils import dir_util
from fuzzywuzzy import fuzz
import readline
import sys
def invalid_input():
print "Please enter a valid option."
def ask_user(prompt_message):
valid_answer = False
while not valid_answer:
result = raw_input(prompt_message + " ([Y]es/[N]o/[A]bort) > ")
result = result.upper()
# Did we get a valid result?
if len(result) < 1:
# Interprets user response to a boolean query. Returns boolean flag for y/n/Y/N/yes/no/YES/NO
# Returns False for any unknown input
# Returns null if user input is a/A/abort/ABORT
if result[0] == 'Y':
return True
elif result[0] == 'A':
return None
elif result[0] == 'N':
return False
# Recursively copies all files/folders from dirToCopy into dirToKeep
# and then removes dirToCopy from the file system.
def CombineDirectoryContents (dirToKeep, dirToCopy):
if os.path.isdir(dirToKeep) == False or os.path.isdir(dirToCopy) == False:
print ("One of the specified directories does not exist. Copy fails.")
return False
# copy
dir_util.copy_tree(dirToCopy, dirToKeep)
print("Copied contents of ")
print(dirToCopy + " to ")
# clean up
for root, dirs, files in os.walk(dirToCopy, topdown=False):
for name in files:
os.remove(root + os.sep + name)
for name in dirs:
os.rmdir(root + os.sep + name)
print("Deleted directory %s " % dirToCopy)
return True
# returns true if string1 is like string2
# utilizes fuzzywuzzy string matching library
# TODO: make acceptance ratio configurable
def like(string1, string2):
return fuzz.partial_ratio(string1, string2) >= 80
def should_exclude_album(name):
# Determine if we should specifically exclude the album based on its name
# This prevents items like "greatest hits"
test_name = name.lower()
exclude_cases = (
'greatest hit',
'best of',
'the singles',
for test in exclude_cases:
if test in test_name:
return True
return False
# a new approach that pre-computes the merges
# dirsToCompare - a fully-qualified list of directories that should be compared to one another in a search for duplicates.
def CombineSimilarlyNamedFolders(rootDir, dirsToCompare):
# append trailing slashes to dirs
# TODO: maybe also check for non-existent dirs here
for i in range(len(dirsToCompare)):
if not dirsToCompare[i].endswith(os.sep):
dirsToCompare[i] = dirsToCompare[i] + os.sep
# dictionary of directories to be combined
matches = defaultdict(list)
exclude_dirs = []
# double loop, bitch
for i in range(len(dirsToCompare)):
print('Searching for matches for %s...' % dirsToCompare[i])
for j in range(len(dirsToCompare)):
# don't compare a directory to itself, don't compare things that don't exist
if i == j: continue
if not os.path.isdir(rootDir + dirsToCompare[i]):
if not os.path.isdir(rootDir + dirsToCompare[j]):
# specifically exclude certain albums
if should_exclude_album(dirsToCompare[i]) or should_exclude_album(dirsToCompare[j]):
tokens1 = os.path.dirname(dirsToCompare[i]).split(os.sep)
tokens2 = os.path.dirname(dirsToCompare[j]).split(os.sep)
folder1 = tokens1[len(tokens1) - 1]
folder2 = tokens2[len(tokens2) - 1]
if folder1 in exclude_dirs:
# if directory names are similar, mark for combination
if (like(folder1, folder2) and not folder2 in exclude_dirs):
# do the combination in a (sort of) user-friendly manner
for d in matches:
if len(matches[d]) > 0:
# show the user what we might combine
print ('The following directories have similar names:')
print ('1. ' + d)
for d2 in range(len(matches[d])):
print (str(d2 + 2) + '. ' + matches[d][d2])
combineDirs = []
# ask the user what we should actually combine
indexstr = raw_input('Enter the indices of the directories to combine. '
"Return to combine all of the above, 's' to skip, "
"'i' to ignore "
"or 'a' to abort: ")
indexstr = indexstr.lower()
if indexstr == '':
# all
combineDirs.append(rootDir + d)
for d3 in matches[d]:
combineDirs.append(rootDir + d3)
elif indexstr == 'a':
print ('User chose to abort')
return None
elif indexstr == 's':
print ('User chose to skip')
elif indexstr == 'i':
print ('Excluded directory {0} from future matches'.format(folder1))
elif not indexstr.isdigit() and ',' not in indexstr:
# will throw an exception
print ('Unrecognized input; skipping')
# some
indices = indexstr.split(',')
for i in indices:
if (int(i) == 1):
combineDirs.append(rootDir + d)
combineDirs.append(rootDir + matches[d][int(i) - 2])
# show what we're actually combining
print ('You chose to combine the following directories:')
count = 1
for d4 in combineDirs:
print (str(count) + '. ' + d4)
count += 1
inputStr = raw_input('Enter the index of the directory that will contain all combined directories. Enter a non-numeric string to specify a different name, or ''a'' to abort: ')
if (inputStr == 'a'):
print ('User chose to abort')
return None
temp = int(inputStr)
if temp > 0 and temp <= len(combineDirs):
newName = combineDirs[temp - 1]
newName = rootDir + str(inputStr)
# user entered a textual name
newName = rootDir + str(inputStr)
if not os.path.isdir(newName):
print ('Creating directory %s' % newName)
# combine all dirs
for i in combineDirs:
if i == newName: continue
CombineDirectoryContents (newName, i)
#clear matches
# Searches for and prompts user to rename folders that contain non-alphanumeric characters.
# If user specifies a new folder name that already exists, folder contents are combined.
# Returns None if user aborts, True otherwise
def RenameFoldersNonAlphanumeric(rootDir):
if not rootDir.endswith(os.sep):
rootDir = rootDir + os.sep
print ('Searching %s for non-alphanumeric folders...' % rootDir)
artistDirectories = os.listdir(rootDir)
for artist in artistDirectories:
if not os.path.isdir(rootDir + artist): continue
if artist == ".AppleDouble":
# Ignore AppleDouble directories
Detect alphanumeric conditions - ignore the following:
* Whitespace
* Apostrophes
* Dashes
* Commas
artist_test = re.sub(r'\s|\'|-|,', '', artist)
if len(artist_test) > 1 and (not artist_test.isalnum()) and os.path.isdir(rootDir + artist):
result = ask_user("Would you like to rename <%s>?" % artist)
if result is None:
return None
elif result:
manual = False
if re.match('^.*\(\d{4}\)$', artist):
newName = artist[0:(string.find(artist,'(') - 1)]
result = ask_user("Rename <%s> to <%s>?" % (artist, newName))
if result is None:
return None
elif result:
if os.path.isdir(rootDir + newName):
# folder exists - combine the two
CombineDirectoryContents(rootDir + newName, rootDir + artist)
# folder doesn't exist - rename
os.rename(rootDir + artist, rootDir + newName)
# user rejected our suggested name - need to rename manually
manual = True
# didn't match the pattern - need to rename manually
manual = True
if manual:
# rename directory manually
newName = raw_input("What should we rename it to? ")
if os.path.isdir(rootDir + newName):
# if dir exists, combine
existingFolder = rootDir + newName
badlyNamedFolder = rootDir + artist + os.sep
if existingFolder != badlyNamedFolder and os.path.isdir(existingFolder) and os.path.isdir(badlyNamedFolder):
result = ask_user("Specified directory exists. Combine contents?")
if result is None:
return None
elif result:
CombineDirectoryContents(existingFolder, badlyNamedFolder)
# if not, just rename as requested
os.rename(rootDir + artist, rootDir + newName)
return True
# Does the above, but searches the entire subtree of rootDir
def RenameFoldersNonAlphanumericRecursive(rootDir):
print ('Searching %s for non-alphanumeric folders...' % rootDir)
# recursively assemble list of subdirs to search
dirsToSearch = []
for root, dirs, files in os.walk(rootDir, topdown=False):
for name in dirs:
if root not in dirsToSearch:
if root != startingDir:
if (root + os.sep + name) not in dirsToSearch:
if (root + os.sep + name) != startingDir:
dirsToSearch.append(root + os.sep + name)
# process them in alphabetical order
for search in dirsToSearch:
if not os.path.isdir(search): continue
# respect user abort
if RenameFoldersNonAlphanumeric(search) is None:
# Iterates through the folder structure looking for files with unwanted extensions and deleting them.
# Prompts user for each new file type that is encountered and remembers selection
def DeleteUnwantedFileTypes():
print ('Searching %s for unwanted file types...' % startingDir)
ok = []
bad = []
for root, dirs, files in os.walk(startingDir, topdown=False):
for name in files:
extension = os.path.splitext(root + os.sep + name)[1]
if extension in bad:
# delete the file
print('Deleting file ' + root + os.sep + name)
os.remove(root + os.sep + name)
elif extension not in ok:
# prompt user about this file type
print('Found new extension *%s' % extension)
result = ask_user('Delete it?')
if result is None:
elif result:
# delete the file and remember for next time
os.remove(root + os.sep + name)
# remember for next time
print ('Done')
# Deletes empty directories
def DeleteEmptyDirectories():
print ('Searching %s for empty directories...' % startingDir)
for root, dirs, files in os.walk(startingDir, topdown=False):
for name in dirs:
# returns sub directories and files - if none, it's empty
# note: this does not consider hidden files - these could be accidentally deleted!
subdirs = os.listdir(root + os.sep + name)
if len(subdirs) == 0:
print('Deleting empty directory ' + root + os.sep + name)
os.rmdir(root + os.sep + name)
print ('Done')
# Program Entry
print ('Welcome to MusikPolice\'s Music Directory Cleanup Utility.')
if sys.argv[1]:
startingDir = sys.argv[1]
print "Using directory {0} from command line".format(startingDir)
startingDir = raw_input('Enter directory to clean: ')
if not startingDir.endswith(os.sep):
startingDir = startingDir + os.sep
while True:
print ('Select an action to perform:')
print ('1. Combine artist directories (level 1)')
print ('2. Combine album directories (level 2)')
print ('3. Rename directories that contain non-standard characters')
print ('4. Delete unwanted file types')
print ('5. Delete empty directories')
print ('6. Quit')
action = raw_input('>')
if action == '1':
if not startingDir.endswith(os.sep):
startingDir = startingDir + os.sep
print ('Searching %s for similarly named artists...' % startingDir)
artistDirectories = os.listdir(startingDir)
CombineSimilarlyNamedFolders(startingDir, artistDirectories)
if action == '2':
if not startingDir.endswith(os.sep):
startingDir += os.sep
print ('Searching %s for similarly named albums...' % startingDir)
artistDirectories = os.listdir(startingDir)
albumDirectories = []
for a in artistDirectories:
if not os.path.isdir(os.path.join(startingDir, a)):
for sub in os.listdir(os.path.join(startingDir, a)):
albumDirectories.append(os.path.join(a, sub))
CombineSimilarlyNamedFolders(startingDir, albumDirectories)
elif action == '3':
elif action == '4':
elif action == '5':
elif action == '6':
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