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Required reading

Dev environment

  1. Install Metamask Browser Plugin

  2. Install Truffle npm install -g truffle

  3. Install testrpc npm install -g ethereumjs-testrpc

  4. Install punch

Browser-solidity may also be useful for compiling/editing contracts

Deployment on Google Container Engine

  1. Make sure you have permissions on our GCE account on the tinypay project
  2. Download and Install GCE SDK
  3. gcloud init, use us-central-1b when asked
  4. gcloud components install kubectl
  5. gcloud container clusters get-credentials tinypay --zone us-central1-b --project tinypay-143322

Now you can use the kubernetes consul: kubectl proxy

Or you can run deploymnents: (TODO: there is probably a better feature for this) kubectl delete pod web; kubectl create -f web_pod.yaml