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0.3.3 (30/03/2020)

  • fixed error which might occur using wet/dirt slider while the model is appended

0.3.2 (26/03/2020)

  • added scratches and dirt sliders
  • now also hair masks can be toggled on/off by the outfit choice
  • fixed tanlines check
  • fixed hair property context

0.3.1 (26/03/2020)

  • fixed error that might occur during model and script appending

0.3.0 (25/03/2020)

  • added check for outfits list (outfit list will be shown only if there are outfits available)
  • added sudivision surface options for the body
  • added smooth corr, shrinkwrap modifier and masks switchers for the outfits
  • added debug mode (logs registered in the console)
  • added link to the UI tutorial
  • the UI now checks the value of the main options already stored in the model properties
  • small changes to tabs naming

0.2.2 (22/03/2020)

  • fixed the UI wrongly raising an error for not installed rig_tools
  • fixed a Blender crash when switching outfits
  • fixed memory problem with WM context (switched to scene)

0.2.1 (10/03/2020)

  • added wet skin modifier
  • now all the skin/modifiers are consistent in the node implementation (with value node)

0.2.0 (24/02/2020)

  • added possibility to enable parts from different outfits
  • new blush and makeup sliders
  • initial implementation for maintenance tools
  • bug fixes

0.1.3 (08/02/2020)

  • added extras
  • added link to GitHub repository of the UI
  • fixed masks behaviour

0.1.2 (07/02/2020)

  • full compatibility with masks
  • possibility to choose the links in the options
  • possibility to toggle on/off some properties of the UI

0.1.1 (06/02/2020)

  • hair selection is not shown if the number of available hair styles is equal to 1
  • the outfit parts are now sorted with their name
  • the objects found by the UI now have an icon to better understand their type
  • fixed the classes name warnings
  • fixed an error with hair recognition

0.1 (05/02/2020)

  • Initial version
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