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Programmable Dropbox for secure IoT
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Hypergolix is programmable cloud sync -- like Dropbox, but you integrate it into your applications instead of using it from the filesystem. It runs as a local background service and was originally created to ease development of embedded/IoT/Raspberry Pi applications and devices. Hypergolix data is encrypted at all times (except in-memory) using the Golix protocol.

See the Hypergolix docs for more info, including installation instructions and usage. The general gist is:

  1. Download Hypergolix
  2. Start Hypergolix client and log in
  3. Communicate with Hypergolix via IPC
  4. Create, store, and share objects directly from your application


Help is welcome and needed. Unfortunately we're so under-staffed that we haven't even had time to make a thorough contribution guide. In the meantime:


  • Issues are great! Open them for anything: feature requests, bug reports, etc.
  • Fork, then PR.
  • Open an issue for every PR.
    • Use the issue for all discussion.
    • Reference the PR somewhere in the issue discussion.
  • Please be patient. We'll definitely give feedback on anything we bounce back to you, but especially since we lack a contribution guide, style guide, etc, this may be a back-and-forth process.
  • Please be courteous in all discussion.

Project priorities

Note: these needs are specific to external contributors. Internal development priorities differ substantially.

  • Contribution guide
  • Code of conduct
  • Proper testing suite
  • Documentation
  • __all__ definition for all modules
  • Clean up and remove unused imports

See also:

Sponsors and backers

If you like what we're doing, please consider sponsoring the project or becoming a backer.



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