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<li>Martin Brodbeck &lt;Martin.Brodbeck (at); - César Franck's "Pièce Héroïque"</li>
<li>Joan Carazo &lt;JoanCarazo (at); - La "Follia" by Francesco Geminiani, an arrangement from "La Follia" by A. Corelli</li>
<li>Davin Lawrence &lt;davin.lawrence (at); - Study in E Minor (O 48 N 5) by Mauro Giuliani for guitar</li>
+<li>Glen Larsen &lt;glenl (at); - Mauro Giuliani's '24 Studies for the guitar', Op. 100</li>
<li>Eric Bavier &lt;ericbavier (at); - Georg Goltermann Concerto No.4 in G major, Op. 65 for cello and piano</li>
<li>Simon Bailey &lt;simon.bailey (at); - The three suites of Händel's water music (HWV348, HWV349 and HWV350; F-Major, D-Major and G-Major, respectively)</li>
<li>Bas Wassink &lt;basvanlola (at); - Haydn's sonatas</li>

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