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= How do I make my whole website secure? =
To make your entire website secure, you simply need to change your site url to use HTTPS instead of HTTP. Please read <a href="" target="_blank">how to change the site url</a>.
+Alternatively, you can use URL Filters in the WordPress HTTPS Settings to secure your entire site by putting just '/' as a filter. This will cause any URL with a forward slash to be secure (all of them).
= How do I make only certain pages secure? =
The plugin adds a meta box to the add/edit post screen entitled HTTPS. In that meta box, a checkbox for 'Secure Post' has been added to make this process easy. See Screenshots if you're having a hard time finding it.
+Alternatively, you can use URL Filters to secure post and pages by their permalink.
= I'm using Force SSL Administration and all of the links to the front-end of my site are HTTPS. Why? =
For many users this behavior is desirable. If you would like links the the front-end of your site to be HTTP, enable Force SSL Exclusively and do not secure your front-end pages.
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