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FabriBertani and nmilcoff Star wars sample update to v.6.2.0 (#130)
* Update MvvmCross and Plugins from 6.1.2 to 6.2.0.

* Fix StarWarsSample.Forms.Android issue: app stuck on SplashScreen after update to v6.2.0.

* Removed unnecessary method from StarWarsSample.Forms.Android Setup
Latest commit a17a155 Sep 14, 2018

StarWars Sample!

This is a comprehensive sample that showcases some MvvmCross features and integrations with some other components.

It is currently available for Android and iOS. MacOS and UWP versions are planned as well.

Checkout the "Artwork" folder to look at the designs for those platforms.


Shared (Core and all platforms)


  • MvxAppCompatViewPresenter
  • Support packages
  • Fragments
  • DrawerLayout, CoordinatorLayout, CollapsingToolbarLayout, MvxRecyclerView, MvxSwipeRefreshLayout, IMvxTemplateSelector
  • Custom MvxBindings
  • Custom controls
  • Infinite lists
  • Polymorphic lists with MvxTemplateSelector
  • Lottie animations
  • Tibet bindings in .axml and fluent bindings in .cs


  • MvxIosViewPresenter (tabs)
  • MvxUIRefreshControl, MvxTableViewCell, MvxSimpleTableViewSource, MvxTableViewSource
  • Custom MvxBindings
  • Custom controls
  • Coded UIs using FluentLayout
  • Infinite lists
  • Polymorphic lists using MvxTableViewSource
  • Lottie animations
  • Fluent bindings in .cs