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Contributing to MvvmCross

Finding an issue to work on

We have issue labeled with up-for-grabs or first-timers-only to get you started on easy work.

If you'd like to work on something that isn't in a current issue, especially if it would be a big change, please open a new issue for discussion!

Setting up a development environment

First, you'll need git to fork and clone the repo. GitHub has help pages about setting up git, and once you've done that, you should be able to clone the repo and change into the repo's directory from your terminal:

git clone{YourFork}/MvvmCross.git

If you are using SourceTree or another kind of visual git application, enter the url to your fork in the add new repository field.

After you are done pull the develop branch, and open MvvmCross.sln in Visual Studio to get started.

Working on the website

You can run the website through your fork on Github pages.