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Xamarin.Forms Startup Customization

Android Resources

Xamarin.Forms relies on you to pass along the Assembly where your resources are contained in its Init method. Using the signature where you do not pass on this Assembly, Xamarin.Forms uses Assembly.GetCallingAssembly() to guess it. This means if you subclass MvxFormsApplicationActivity or MvxFormsAppCompatActivity in another Assembly than the calling assembly, the wrong assembly gets passed on to Xamarin.Forms and it cannot find resources. This will result in missing icons and more in your App.

You can customize this behavior by overriding GetResourceAssembly() in your subclass:

protected override Assembly GetResourceAssembly()
    // return your Assembly here

A very simple assumption could be that your Setup.cs file is always in your Application project and you could just write: return typeof(Setup).Assembly;.