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The ResxLocalization plugin provides a support class to help use RESX files for internationalization (i18n).

The ResxLocalization plugin is a single PCL Assembly and isn't really a typical plugin - it doesn't itself register any singletons or services with the MvvmCross IoC container.

To start using it register your Resx file in the App.cs file: Mvx.RegisterSingleton(new MvxResxTextProvider(Strings.ResourceManager));

For more advice on using the Localization library, see the blog post by @DKrzyczkowski.

There is also this blog post by @stefanschoeb. The ResxTextProvider he describes is now contained in the ResxLocalization plugin as MvxResxTextProvider. The language value converter he describes can also be used using the extension method ToLocalizationId() in fluent data binding, e.g.:

bindingSet.Bind(TextBox).For(v => v.Text).ToLocalizationId("Description");

if your ViewModel implements the interface IMvxLocalizedTextSourceOwner.