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The TipCalc tutorial

Welcome to the TipCalc Tutorial! In the following guide we will create a simple Cross-Platform app to introduce some key concepts and showcase some MvvmCross features.

The application consists on a single screen for calculating the tip at a restaurant.

Here's a sketch of where we hope to end up:

![Sketch]({{ site.url }}/assets/img/tutorials/tipcalc/TipCalc_Sketch.png)

The goals of this first application are all about introducing:

  1. The general structure of MvvmCross applications
  2. Some of the code elements required in all MvvmCross applications
  3. Data-Binding

Within this guide, we won't attempt to provide any introduction to the Apple, Google, Microsoft, or Xamarin products. We will focus on pure, unadulterated MvvmCross framework.


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