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jmgomez commented Feb 7, 2013

Maybe another PCL but implemented like a container. It could use razor templates (mjhutchinson.com/journal/2012/12/08/razor_preprocessed_templates) for .NET bridge and another framework like knockout.js and then be implemented in a common HTML control.

That could be nice for light apps or quick app development and if you want to have a better target in iOS e.g., just implement a view for mt.

I don't know if a plugin like this is possible, but sounds interesting, at least for me.


slodge commented Feb 7, 2013

Sounds like the first thing would be to find out the latest state of the Razor plugin and to find out if it could be made PCL - or whether you'd have to wrap it behind an interface.

Either way should be pretty easy to do.

First step would be to write an app - mvvm or not - that demo'd the sort of functionality you are interested in. That would help us define the API for this 'plugin'


jmgomez commented Feb 15, 2013

A few days ago I was around this and I have a few feelings about it:

->The razor preprocessor is only in MonoDevelop's source code, we need to isolate it (could be hard or not). Maybe we can find another open source razor preprocessor.

->The key thing about the html pluggin is how to get the inputs for the users rather than how to show the data to the users. For this, I was thinking about making a wrapper around all html containers and trigger some kind of event. Another approach could be use a portable server, but this is too heavy.

I think that I can do it, but for now I have other community issues (and I need to eat :) ) so, if nobody will have done it, in a few months I will.


jmgomez commented Mar 20, 2013

I can't start yet with this, but I found something that can be so useful: phonegap inside monotouch/monodroid. If there is a way to get the user input from phonegap to c#, we have the hard part of the work already done.



slodge commented Jul 5, 2013

@jmgomez I think I'm going to close this.

Nothing against the idea - I'd actually love to see the idea happen (I think it would be fab for Xamarin and Microsoft as a way to show how rubbish PhoneGap apps can slowly migrate to lovely native apps)

But I don't think the idea is going to end up in this repo - I think it'll end up a bit bigger and so should live in its own repo.

Hope that's OK :)

Stuart (keen to close some bugs!)

@slodge slodge closed this Jul 5, 2013


jmgomez commented Jul 8, 2013

No problem at all, it's almost abandoned. These days I had a lot a of work. A few weeks ago, I made a sample and I realised that the best way to do it, is making a server. I made a very basic one almost working on ios (without mvvmcross binding). But now, with vs2013 there is hope, I didn't have the chance to try it yet, but it seems like you can have WebAPI in pcl. This is awesome and I think that it's the way to get this working. For sure Microsoft or Xamarin will work on it, although the work is done with WebAPI.

Again, sorry for not working yet in this and no problem at all with closing it.


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