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Check lifetimeMonitor on all platforms - decide what to do! #161

slodge opened this Issue · 2 comments

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lifetimeMonitor is important - but not really supported perfectly right now

And is perfect possible on all these targets?

@martijn00 martijn00 changed the title from VeeThree - check lifetimeMonitor on all platforms - decide what to do! to Check lifetimeMonitor on all platforms - decide what to do!
@martijn00 martijn00 removed the VeeThree label

Not sure what this issue means. @slodge could you explain this one, or close it.


This is about the interface IMvxLifetime -

This interface (or its replacement) could be really useful to developers wanting to track (cross-platform) whether an app is foreground/background/hibernating/reinflating/whatever...

To do this properly would require someone first really clearly understanding that whatever across all the platforms... is it even possible to unify the different lifetimes across Droid and Windows?

So I think it's linked to #143 - it would be lovely to have some good samples/guidance/code on:

  • handling tombstoning
  • consuming local and remote push notifications (in the different tombstoning states)
  • implementing background tasks (and long running tasks)
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