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Hi Stuart,

When using DateTime in database, the efficient way is to use DateTime as int, instead of string. To use that way, ISQLiteConnectionFactory should support the following parameter:

namespace Cirrious.MvvmCross.Plugins.Sqlite
public interface ISQLiteConnectionFactory
    ISQLiteConnection Create(string address, bool storeDateTimeAsTicks = false);

And the changes have to be impacted into each concrete connection factory. Droid example:

namespace Cirrious.MvvmCross.Plugins.Sqlite.Droid
    public class MvxDroidSQLiteConnectionFactory : ISQLiteConnectionFactory
        public ISQLiteConnection Create(string address, bool storeDateTimeAsTicks = false)
            var path = Environment.GetFolderPath(Environment.SpecialFolder.Personal);
            return new SQLiteConnection(Path.Combine(path, address), storeDateTimeAsTicks);

That way, we can use the factory like this:

        Connection = factory.Create("NurseMobile.db", true);

The parameter will be spread to the SQLiteConnection constructor with the right parameter.

Yes? No? :)


Our branch of SQLite-net is currently still frozen in time until I can persuade @praeclarum to support an interface file separately to the code file (hopefully I'll corner him in Texas ;))

Until then I'm not too keen on branching too far from his source - I would love to try to get his tip supported.

On the SQL connection stuff, my personal opinion is that I hate this line:

    Connection = factory.Create("NurseMobile.db", true);

The true is too meaningless.

Adding to a parameter list like that is also not scalable- if you need to add a few parameters you quickly end up with:

    Connection = factory.Create("NurseMobile.db", true, false, true, false);

which is really, truely unreadable and hard to maintain.

With that all said....

If you still want to fashion this as a pull request, then please do, but I'd encourage you to add options like:

    Connection = factory.Create("NurseMobile.db", new ConnectionOptions() { 
        DateFormat = DateFormat.AsTicks 

or similar.

And I would be happy to push that sort of change back to SQLite-net too.

If I can't persuade sqlite-net to support praeclarum/sqlite-net#135 soon, then I guess we will end up branching forever - which would be a shame :(

PS> It may just be a Belgo-UK thing, but I'm not at all sure what 'Yes? No? :)' means - please, just spell out what you're asking if you can. Assume I'm on a ski holiday and drinking and eating too much understand what you are asking. 'Yes? No? :)' is cool for chat rooms, but this place is for issues. Thanks :)


My proposition is not focused on the sqlite-net library but on yours. The original sqlite-net library is using that way of initialization (the boolean true/false option). So, we only change your interface, not the original library.

But as you wrote, I will wait to know if your proposition is accepted by praeclum (I suppose the async features should be supported also with the interface) to go further


I don't want something special. I just followed the discussion on SQLite-Net issues about PCL/MvvmCross "fork" plugin, and repeated the discussion on async not supported on mvvmcross (due to droid/touch).

But we have one major problem in mvvmcross/plugin is that new enhancements and bug fixings are not updated by your corrections.

Maybe you should reconsider your position when talking about sqlite-net PCL version as your main project?



@praeclarum let's discuss in Texas. I like the single file thing, and I'm sure we can work out a #region type build process if we have to... But I've got a feeling that xam studio components and nuget mono* support might make the single file approach secondary... (but maybe 2014 :))


I've added something similar in my fork of MvvmCross, as I've also been storing DateTime as Ticks in my SQLite databases. I also store database files in a different path, so have some need to override the default behaviour for that as well.

I'll implement something similar to the ConnectionOptions that Stuart suggested and then submit a pull request with the changes.


I've implemented a ConnectionOptions parameter in my fork if anyone needs something to work with for now: h2oman@67fe7ef It currently only supports Touch, but will do the other platforms soon.
We'll see where @praeclarum is going with SQLite-Net and if there will be anything happening on that front to facilitate MvvmCross.


Hi @praeclarum , Hi @slodge ,

Are you back from Texas with a solution/discussion about sqlite-net integration into mvvmcross?


I'm in a plane on the way home

Yes, Frank and I talked.

We will get this done - we had a good agreement.

Only questions now are who does it and when.

Please feel free to volunteer

@h20man I might borrow your impl as a stopgap - thanks


Ok, I might be volunteer if you give me some more explanations and time to do the work


Is there any news regarding this issue?
The support for SQLite.Async in the MvvmCross plugin would be great.
I can give an 'extra hand' to help on this development...


Still frozen - although @praeclarum posted somewhere recently that he's got a single file PCL solution that he's worked on.

I'm 99.9999% sure he'd be happy to have someone else do work for him - best bet is over on praeclarum/sqlite-net#135


Thanks @slodge. I'll try to contact @praeclarum and see if I can help in any way, to make this implementation work.


I'm interested in this capability as well a) because of the storage efficiency and performance advantage and b) because I'd like to store date/times with millisecond precision. (The current implementation of SQLite-net drops the milliseconds.)


Still pending on praeclarum/sqlite-net#135

Although new forks are appearing - eg. - so maybe one of those will drive a future plugin and it's maintenance


I'm personally still in favour of waiting for @praeclarum and a merge back to the core source - I think there's huge value in getting an 'official central merge' working - especially as they have working unit tests in the core.

However, to allow 'the community' to push forwards with work, I've branched mvvmcross' sqlite-net out into and am opening up nominations for people who want to admin that repo.

No idea how this is going to work... I'm learning as I go...


This is now implemented in using a ISQLiteConnectionFactoryEx factory

Closing this now

Still open for nominations for people who want to admin that community sqlite repo.

@slodge slodge closed this Sep 17, 2013

Thanks @praeclarum - easy to fix in the new fork MvvmCross/MvvmCross-SQLite@c1ea4d0 - will aim to do a first release of it 'soon' :) May change SQLite namespace in it too in order to avoid clashes.

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