Touch should support RequestRemoveBackStep #80

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slodge commented Dec 18, 2012

See -

This should at least be routed through to the Presenter.

Sadly it proved a bit awkward to implement this at a generic level for iOS - so currently that method is:

    public bool RequestRemoveBackStep()
#warning What to do with ios back stack?
        // not supported on iOS really
        return false;


slodge commented Dec 21, 2012

I started to look at this.... but actually I think the bug is in the design.

I suspect we need to instead let a view model remove itself from the back stack - so we somehow need an API like RequestRemove(IMvxViewModel toRemove) - and we need this across all platforms.... need to think about it....

slodge commented Dec 31, 2012

I have at least routed the current message through to the presenter now

slodge commented Jan 21, 2013

Should we just remove this function from the interface now? It's not really available 'free' on all platforms...

Hi Stuart, I agree with your statement "I suspect we need to instead let a view model remove itself from the back stack" and RequestRemoveBackStep should be dropped.

slodge commented Mar 10, 2013

v3 removes this from every single platform.

Apps need this will need to work out the pattern to use.

Love the new style - much cleaner :)

@slodge slodge closed this Mar 10, 2013
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