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Better Mac support #126

wants to merge 5 commits into from

3 participants

deapsquatter Stuart Lodge E. Timothy Uy

Hi Stuart,

The changed .cs files will further Mac support. However there also changes to csproj files and added csproj files for file linking support which you probably do not want. Apologies, I need to structure these commits better so you can just do a straight merge.

kevinknoop added some commits
kevinknoop Converted from PCL projects to file linking.
Added image attachment support to Share and Email plugins.
kevinknoop Better Mac support.
vNext via file linking with .pcl projects.
Stuart Lodge

Looked through it briefly... but not done a full build/test/play yet - too busy!

Also linking this to #77

kevinknoop added some commits
kevinknoop Changed MessageElement BackgroundColor to clear to fix odd looking gr…
…ouped UITableView.
kevinknoop Merge branch 'vnext' of git:// into vnext
Stuart Lodge slodge referenced this pull request

Add support for Xamarin.Mac #77

kevinknoop Cleaning up e6dab67
Stuart Lodge slodge referenced this pull request

PR brings Mac up to v3 #438

E. Timothy Uy

Hello Mac users! I'm working on MvvmCross Mac.

E. Timothy Uy

I understand someone has lists working for Mac. Can someone advise?


I'll blog about this. Hopefully this week.

E. Timothy Uy
E. Timothy Uy

Kevin, any help you can give me on NSCollectionView or NSTableView would be much appreciated. I'm really struggling on this end. Even unprocessed (not written up) clues would be much appreciated.

It does seem there are two ways of approaching this, one is to create a View (but then IB support is trickier) or to have a Target. I tried both with no luck. In the case of NSCollectionView the Content is an array of NSObjects. I'm not sure how to turn my List to NSObjects, so it might be a lost cause, esp. since there is no NSCollectionViewSource.

But perhaps NSTableView would be better.

Stuart Lodge

From jabbr:

how do i go from a List to an array of NSObjects?
12:39:10 AM
@slodge1 I'm having a hard time making NSCollectionView work
1:31:31 AM
can I ask you a few questions?
1:31:36 AM
hm, maybe this cannot be done
1:44:31 AM
NSCollectionView.Content takes NSObject[]
1:44:44 AM
maybe there isn't a way to put my C# List<...> to an NSObject?
1:45:02 AM
well, good news, wild beavers are now available in England
5:49:31 AM
6:51:52 AM
6:57:47 AM
yes sir
6:57:53 AM
@tofutim I've seen your messages. I haven't forgotten. Just swamped with other work atm.
7:00:01 AM
@deapsquatter1 thanks!
7:01:32 AM
did you work on collectionview as well?
7:01:52 AM
it seems that there are actually two distinct approaches to binding
7:03:53 AM
1. Target, e.g., MvxNSCollectionViewItemSourceTargetBinding
7:04:17 AM
or 2. View, e.g., MvxCollectionView
7:04:34 AM
I used a NSTableView
7:18:47 AM
I then created a bindable NSTableViewSource based on the same pattern the iOS stuff uses in Mvx.
7:20:28 AM
The actual binding expression is inserted using Xcode and one of the fields in the designer - think its in the NSColumn somewhere.
7:22:36 AM
Obviously needs a blog post to explain in detail...
7:23:30 AM
is this code in github or anywhere?
7:26:40 AM
also, is the whole view an NSTableView (err MvxTableView) or do you target bind to it
7:27:09 AM
The code is not available yet - I'll do that with the blog post.
7:29:28 AM
Its a regular NSTableView. Bindable classes are derived for the source,column and cells.
7:30:49 AM

Stuart Lodge

Been playing this evening

Trying to get some ApiExamples working.

Will try to do more on this soon - currently 'some' are working in -

Used lots from:

Stuart Lodge

Closing this one - thanks :)

Other Mac ones are still open - at least some of them are flagged 3.1.2

Stuart Lodge slodge closed this
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Commits on Jan 10, 2013
  1. Converted from PCL projects to file linking.

    kevinknoop authored
    Added image attachment support to Share and Email plugins.
Commits on Jan 21, 2013
  1. Better Mac support.

    kevinknoop authored
    vNext via file linking with .pcl projects.
Commits on Jan 24, 2013
  1. Changed MessageElement BackgroundColor to clear to fix odd looking gr…

    kevinknoop authored
    …ouped UITableView.
Commits on Jan 25, 2013
  1. Merge branch 'vnext' of git:// into vnext

    kevinknoop authored
Commits on Apr 9, 2013
  1. Cleaning up

    kevinknoop authored
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