MVVM for Wisej and Windows Forms - Caliburn.Micro and Bound controls libraries
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MVVM for Wisej and Windows Forms


The MVVM FX project targets Wisej and WinForms.

The project focus on providing a development framework based on these libraries:

  • General purpose data bindind and command binding library
  • Bound controls and components
  • Caliburn.Micro MVVM framework ported to Wisej and WinForms
  • Common logger for the framework

The project's main goal is the MVVM framework. Caliburn.Micro is one of the best MVVM frameworks around (some would say it is the best). Based on a partial port from Dan Durland, the missing features were added, bit by bit.

In order to do proper MVVM, one must use controls that support data binding. Some of the standard Wisej/WinForms controls don't comply with this requirement, namely TreeView. The bound controls library fills this gap.

Due to Wisej/WinForms binding shortcomings, a general purpose binding library is instrumental for the Caliburn.Micro port. The MvvmFx.Bindings library is based on Truss and includes some features that aren't needed for the Caliburn.Micro port. The same source code was used to build MvvmFx.DataBinding, a smaller version of the library, that is stripped off of all method binding parts, like Action or Command binding. Note "Caliburn.Micro does not need an implementation of ICommand because it has Actions which are superior to commands in every way", as Rob Eisenberg puts it.

Project Status

Release 3.0.1 (11 Apr 2018)

Maintenance release:

  1. Promote .NET 4.6 projects to .NET 4.6.1
  2. Fetch Wisej dependency from NuGet

N.B. - Run Wisej samples from NuGet - you don't need to install Wisej.

Release 3.0.0 (18 Feb 2018)

NuGet packages:

  • MvvmFx-Bindings-WinForms
  • MvvmFx-Bindings-Wisej
  • MvvmFx-BoundControls-WinForms
  • MvvmFx-BoundControls-Wisej
  • MvvmFx-CaliburnMicro-Csla-WinForms
  • MvvmFx-CaliburnMicro-Csla-Wisej
  • MvvmFx-CaliburnMicro-WinForms
  • MvvmFx-CaliburnMicro-Wisej
  • MvvmFx-Log4netLogger
  • MvvmFx-Logging
  • MvvmFx-NLogLogger

Explore and run InterwayDocs

  • MvvmFx Wisej/WinForms application that is an important step to test and refine concepts.
  • Latest release is 1.3.8 (21 May 2018)
  • Wisej version features:
    • change language without reloading page
    • alert when closing browser may loose unsaved information
  • Application delivered in 3 forms:
    • WebSite - Wisej web site IIS ready
    • WebStandalone - Wisej web site packed into a desktop .exe file
    • WinForms - Windows Forms desktop application

What is Wisej?

Take your WinForms project, port it to Wisej retaining all your BO/DAL code and most UI code. Now run it as a Web application. Get Wisej


MvvmFx is copyright MvvmFx project. Its use is governed by the MIT license.