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HARDWARE Requirements

  • x86-64 processor with Virtualization AMD-v/AMD-Vi or Intel VT-x/Intel VT-d
  • 2GB of RAM/main memory
  • 6GB of disk space available
  • The drivers for your PC's graphics drivers should be updated for compatibility with OpenGL ES 2.0
  • 1024x768 is minimum screen size to run this bot, and you will need to auto-hide the windows task bar to allow the BOT to work correctly.

The BOT requires the entire BlueStacks window to be visible during start up and learning building locations. You also can not have any windows overlapping the BS window during operation. Failure to follow this rule will create errors while locating buildings.

SOFTWARE Requirements

Before Installation

  • MyBot only support Clash Of Clans English Language.

  • Some important notes for all Users below Town Hall 7:

This farming bot is designed for use on bases that are Town Hall level 6 and above. Bot has been shown (and tested) to work with minor annoying bad habits on Town Hall level 4 and up. Use on TH below between 4-6 will have image detection issues (among other problems), especially when upgrading barracks or camps. These can not be fixed. The developers have taken great care to make sure the bot does not use gems during operation, but due to the small size of the storage's and relatively high costs of troops and upgrades below TH4, the bot may try use gems,or buy gems from the Play Store, or refuse to run due low resource levels. This can not be fixed. Use on TH below level 6 is not recommended or supported. We apologize for any inconvenience this creates.

  • You must Change your Pc Sleep Settings to "Never Sleep" and Screen display always ON...

The Bot uses image detection to work , if the Screen/GPU is off it will not work. Control Panel / Power Options

  • DPI scaling must be 100% ...

Image Detection needs the correct Size/Resolution to work Instructions

  • Aero must be Enabled for Working Background mode ...

Read Here : LINK


  • Run AutoIt, Install with double click, remember to install as x86

  • Open Control Panel and uninstall all Visual C++ and .NET Framework. Reboot PC.

  • Run Visual C++ 2010 and the .NET Framework 4.0 installers, simple install, reboot the PC.

  • Install Nox, MEmu, BlueStacks or one of the other support Android Emulator (find in software requirements section of this page)

  • Start Android and add your Google account that is associated with your Clash of Clans account

  • Verify yours DPI Through Display Settings

  • The game Clash of clans must be set in English

  • Modify your power options, the monitor can not be turned off or in hibernation mode.

  • After downloading the BOT in a .zip file, extract it. Verify that your Antivirus hasn't deleted any files. Inside the folder you will have a file named Double click it.

  • How to set up the BOT :

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