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MyCrypto Beta Web App

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This repo stores both the beta and production versions of the MyCrypto codebase.

The default master branch represents the beta code hosted on

The legacy branch represents the production code hosted on

Documentation can be found in our wiki

Development / Build Requirements

  • Node 12.14.1*
  • Yarn >= 1.19.1**

On systems where a pre-built version of node-hid is not available (e.g. 32-bit versions of Windows and Linux), you additionally need Python (3+) and node-gyp installed.

*Higher versions should work fine, but may cause inconsistencies.
**npm is NOT supported for package management. MyCrypto uses yarn.lock to ensure sub-dependency versions are pinned, so yarn is required to install node_modules

***For users trying to build with WSL, you'll need to have install libpng via sudo apt-get install libpng16-dev.

Running the App

First, you must run yarn to grab all the dependencies. If you are ever having trouble with something, a good place to start is by trying rm -rf node_modules/ && yarn which will completely clear all your previously installs dependencies and re-install them from scratch.

Then, you can run various commands depending on what you want to do:


# run app in dev mode in browser, rebuild on file changes
yarn start

A development server will be available on https://localhost:3000 If you're using Chrome, you will get a net::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID warning. To disable it you can your settings in chrome: chrome://flags/#allow-insecure-localhost


# builds staging app version used on
yarn build:staging


# builds production app version used on
yarn build


Unit Tests

# runs all unit tests using jest
yarn test

End-to-end Tests

# runs all e2e tests using testcafe
yarn test:e2e

Running e2e tests requires a .env file to be defined, with the appropriate environment variables set. See .env.example for an example.

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