A continuation of alphaest's MyTown mod for minecraft.
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A continuation of alphaest's MyTown mod for minecraft, http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1650110-146-151mytown-aperf-server-protection-and-performance-mods/.

Land protection mod. Create new towns, add members to it, set up personalised plots, configure plot/town permissions.


  • Towns - Don't be a loner. Play together by building small or big towns!
  • Nations - Join nations to build your towns next to eachother and chat more easily
  • Town teleporting - Don't force your new recruits to walk, let them get to your town quick
  • Residents, assistants, mayors - Towny-like hierarchical schema
  • HeroChat like chat, town/nation channel - /ch tc - /g Hello! - /l Kle ära nussi - [TR][Mod]supercool[<3]: Buying iridium plates!
  • Tight protection - Protects against most mod world changing items like IC mininglaser, BC quarrys, TC excavationwand etc. Tailored for FTB MindCrack modpack.
  • Permissions - Claim only half plots for your roads so the one claiming next to it can use the other parts of the plot. Disable outsiders entering a plot or just cant loot or can access but cant build. Disable/enable quarries to make your plots safe against this old devil. And much more. Check it out using /t perm plot.
  • Autocomplete for all commands, tab away - /t in Sp0

Install Guide

  1. Download MyTown and place it in your servers mods/ folder

  2. Download MyTownLib from https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B2uY0gk2-lQFZnRnZDlTNEEwdm8/edit and place it in your servers mods/ folder

  3. Download PermissionsEx from http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1650110-, place it in servers mods/ folder

  4. Start server, stop server to generate config/MyTown/MyTown.cfg and database

  5. Edit the config file as you see fit

  6. Edit the config/permissions.yml file, remove atleast admin and plot count nodes from default group. Refer to the commands manual and/or the example pex script below

  7. Start your server and play