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  • Better support for exams without grade
  • Highlight passed and failed exams
  • Thanks to @eltos for the pull request (#8)!


  • Allow scraping of universities which provide multiple grade entry tables for each semester
  • Improve redirect handling
  • Add new weekly scraping interval
  • Add setting to hide credit points
  • Fix: Update baseUri after location redirect


  • Added calculation of participants and average for overview if it is not given


  • Minor fix to remove invalid html


  • Added extensive edit mode to modify grade entries
  • change all properties (grade, cp, weight, ...)
  • move grade entry to another semester
  • hide unwanted grade entries
  • add and delete custom grade entries
  • Appended attempt to grade entry hash, because some universities may not provide enough distinct information for each entry
  • Added property weight to GradeEntry to allow better average calculation
  • Fix: Alarm settings are now recreated after an app upgrade to receive notifications for new grades
  • Updated FAQs


  • Fix: AverageCalculator now adds credit points without grade to overall sum of credit points. Last fix ignored null values for grades.


  • Fix: AverageCalculator adds credit points without grade to overall sum of credit points