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MyHomeworkSpace Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy. This policy outlines what information we collect, why we collect it, and where it goes. We never sell or market any of it, don’t worry!

Our service (“MyHomeworkSpace”) collects the following data about you either when you initially sign up or when you use the service:

  • Your Full Name (As it appears on
    • We use your full name when you submit feedback to MyHomeworkSpace so that we can see who sent it.
  • Your Dalton username
    • We use your Dalton username for demographic purposes. In the future, we may use your Dalton username to sync your account with other Dalton services, for example to download homework from courses.
  • Your email address
    • We use your Dalton email address to reply to any feedback you submit and to send you information and notifications about MyHomeworkSpace
  • Anything you type into your planner

When you submit feedback, the date and time is also recorded

When you encounter an error on your website, the following information may be recorded, depending on the error which you encountered

  • The date and time
  • Your IP address
    • Your IP address is a unique number that identifies your wireless network’s location on the internet
  • Your user-agent
    • Your user-agent contains information about your operating system and your web browser. It does not contain any personally identifiable information and is collected by many websites.

MyHomeworkSpace will only use your user data to

  • Enforce our Terms of Service
  • Comply with a court order
  • With your explicit permission, help resolve customer service issues

The MyHomeworkSpace team disclaims all responsibility for data leaks or losses. It is your responsibility to update yourself on this policy, as you may not be notified of changes. If you wish to purge all of your information from our servers, or have any additional questions about this policy, or MyHomeworkSpace in general, you can contact us at and we will do our best to help you.

As always, thank you for using MyHomeworkSpace!

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January 4th, 2017 Added Original Policy