Offline BIP32 wallet generator for Hush
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Offline BIP32 HD wallet and vanity address generator for Hush.


  • Golang 1.7.3 (altought lower versions may work)
  • Git


go get -u
go build
go build

##Update an Existing Install

go clean
go build
go build

##Usage To generate a wallet:

hushgen [-test] [-n 1] [-o]

-test generate testnet addresses
-n number of addresses to generate. Defaults to 1
-o enable output to file outputhushgen.txt

To retrieve addresses generated from your HD wallet:

<<<<<<< HEAD >>>>>>>
hushretrieve -passphrase="your desired passphrase" [-test] [-n 1] [-match="t1yourdesiredstring"] [-i] [-o]

-passphrase Passphrase for the wallet is REQUIRED between 128 and 512 bits
-test generate testnet addresses	
-n number of addresses to retrieve. Defaults to 1
-match regex string to search for in the address
-i case insensitive string matching
-o enable output to file outputhushretrieve.txt

eg. Search case insensitive for a vanity address which starts with the string "t1jl"

hushretrieve -passphrase="board start difference answer blossom roll powerful million rough butterfly bedroom beam" -match "t1jl" -i

Note: The maximum number of addresses that can be searched given a wallet passphrase is restricted to 4,294,967,295 (unsigned 32 bit integer).

To import the private key into Hush:

./hush-cli importprivkey "private_key_from_hushgen"

Hushd will automatically rescan the blockchain for transactions