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HUSH Desktop GUI Wallet

This application provides a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the HUSH (formerly Zdash) client tools that acts as a wrapper and presents the information in a more user-friendly manner.


Building, installing and running the Wallet GUI

Before installing the Desktop GUI Wallet you need to have HUSH up and running. The following guide explains how to set up HUSH (formerly Zdash).

For security reasons it is recommended to always build the GUI wallet program from GitHub source. The details of how to build it are described below (easy to follow).

  1. Operating system and tools

    As of May 2017 (HUSH v1.0.9) this program is mostly tested on Linux. The Linux tools you need to build and run the Wallet GUI are Git, Java (JDK7 or later) and Ant. If using Ubuntu Linux, they may be installed via command:

    user@ubuntu:~/build-dir$ sudo apt-get install git default-jdk ant

    For RedHat/CentOS/Fedora-type Linux systems the command is (like):

    user@centos:~/build-dir$ sudo yum install java-1.8.0-openjdk git ant 

    The name of the JDK package (java-1.8.0-openjdk) may vary depending on the Linux system, so you need to check it, if name java-1.8.0-openjdk is not accepted. If you have some other Linux distribution, please check your relevant documentation on installing Git, JDK and Ant. The commands git, java, javac and ant need to be startable from command line before proceeding with build.

  2. Building from source code

    As a start you need to clone the hush-swing-wallet-ui Git repository:

    user@ubuntu:~/build-dir$ git clone

    Change the current directory:

    user@ubuntu:~/build-dir$ cd hush-swing-wallet-ui/

    Issue the build command:

    user@ubuntu:~/build-dir/hush-swing-wallet-ui$ ant -buildfile ./src/build/build.xml

    This takes a few seconds and when it finishes, it builds a JAR file ./build/jars/HUSHSwingWalletUI.jar. You need to make this file executable:

    user@ubuntu:~/build-dir/hush-swing-wallet-ui$ chmod u+x ./build/jars/HUSHSwingWalletUI.jar

    At this point the build process is finished the built GUI wallet program is the JAR file ./build/jars/HUSHSwingWalletUI.jar

  3. Installing the built HUSH GUI wallet

3.1. If you have built HUSH from source code:

Assuming you have already built it from source code in directory /home/user/hush/src (for example - this is the typical build dir. for HUSH v1.0.8) which contains the command line tools hush-cli and hushd you need to take the created file ./build/jars/HUSHSwingWalletUI.jar and copy it to directory /home/user/hush/src (the same dir. that contains hush-cli and hushd). Example copy command:

user@ubuntu:~/build-dir/hush-swing-wallet-ui$ cp ./build/jars/HUSHSwingWalletUI.jar /home/user/hush/src    
  1. Running the installed HUSH GUI wallet

    Before running the GUI you need to start hushd (e.g. hushd --daemon). The wallet GUI is a Java program packaged as an executable JAR file. It may be run from command line or started from another GUI tool (e.g. file manager). Assuming you have already installed HUSH and the GUI Wallet HUSHSwingWalletUI.jar in directory /home/user/hush/src one way to run it from command line is:

    user@ubuntu:~/build-dir/hush-swing-wallet-ui$ java -jar /home/user/hush/src/HUSHSwingWalletUI.jar

    If you are using Ubuntu (or similar ;) Linux you may instead just use the file manager and right-click on the HUSHSwingWalletUI.jar file and choose the option "Open with OpenJDK 8 Runtime". This will start the HUSH GUI wallet.

    Important: the HUSH configuration file ~/.hush/hush.conf needs to be correctly set up for the GUI wallet to work. Specifically the RPC user and password need to be set in it like:


Donations accepted

At the present time this project is non-commercial in nature and developed by volunteers. If you find the GUI Wallet useful, please consider making a donation for its further development. Your contribution matters! Donations are accepted at HUSH T address:



This program is distributed under an MIT License.

Known issues and limitations

  1. Issue: Wallet versions 0.58 and below, when running on systems with (typically non-western) locales that redefine the decimal point in the OS locale settings, have problems with updating the GUI wallet state. A workaround is to change the locale settings to have dot as decimal separator.
  2. Limitation: Wallet encryption has been temporarily disabled in all ZCash forks due to stability problems. A corresponding issue #1552 has been opened by the ZCash developers. Correspondingly wallet encryption has been temporarily disabled in the Hush Desktop GUI Wallet.
  3. Issue: the GUI wallet does not work correctly if hushd is started manually with a custom data directory, like: hushd -datadir=/home/data/whatever. This will be fixed in later versions. In the mean time, you can configure the hushd data (blockchain) folder, as well as the Swing wallet's settings folder via Java runtime options and
  4. Issue: GUI data tables (transactions/addresses etc.) allow copying of data via double click but also allow editing. The latter needs to be disabled.
  5. Limitation: The list of transactions does not show all outgoing ones (specifically outgoing Z address transactions). A corresponding issue #1438 has been opened for the ZCash developers.
  6. Limitation: The CPU percentage shown to be taken by hushd on Linux is the average for the entire lifetime of the process. This is not very useful. This will be improved in future versions.