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@leto leto released this Jan 3, 2020 · 3 commits to master since this release

Hush v3.3.0 "Snarky Sasquatch"

A new Hush release has appeared! Choose your adventure wisely.


  • This release sets the block height for our "Snarky Sasquatch" Network Upgrade. All full nodes must update before Block 166250 on roughly Jan 29th at 1pm UTC or will not be on the correct network!
  • New "Sietch" functionality protects against new metadata attacks:
  • Sietch does many things, and indirectly it also fixes a metadata leakage bug in Sapling addresses that has been publicly known for over 1 year: Zcash issue 3606
  • New ability to launch Hush Smart Chains with a single command:
  • Fixes CVE-2019-18936 in UniValue dependency: bitcoin/bitcoin#17742
  • The new experimental Shielded Index (-zindex) which keeps track of many stats that can be seen via the new getchaintxstats RPC. These include shielded payments, anonymity set size and many other things.
  • New experimental z_listnullifiers RPC which returns Sapling nullifiers.
  • Brings in all core updates and fixes relevant from Komodo 0.5.0 Obsidian Dragon (includes consensus changes!)
  • Updates+fixes to all CryptoConditions smart contracts from KMD 0.5.0
  • Updates to NSPV/Superlite code from KMD 0.5.0
  • Update to 3rd party KMD Notary node pubkeys. Previously Hush was a run-time fork of KMD, but now we are a source code fork, so this is more appropriate and helps KMD Notary Node security.
  • Hush now has Travis CI setup to compile our code + run tests on every Github push. Ported from KMD.
  • Enable the creation of z-only (like Pirate) Hush Smart Chains via -ac_private=1
  • Removed more Sprout-specific code from our codebase, making things faster and easier to maintain.
  • Allow hush-cli stop to be run during RPC warmup. This allows you to stop hushd just after it's started, without waiting.
  • Update to libsodium 1.0.18
  • Removes VerusHash from our source code, paving the way to easily generate non-Intel binaries such as ARMv8 for the DragonHead
  • Removed large amounts of Proof-of-Stake-related code which is not used in Hush. This helps reduce our build times as well as CPU and RAM usage of hushd. This also decreases the attack surface of the Hush codebase and reduces maintanence burden.
  • Ported AFL fuzzing features to our build system from Zcash
  • Changed our max debug.log size from 10MB to 100MB
  • Added checkpoints for every 1000th Hush block and new contrib/ script to automatically generate them.
  • Deleted QT wallet code inherited from Bitcoin, which was old and broken.
  • z_exportwallet can now optionally not rescan. Previously it did a rescan unconditionally.
  • New SHA256 SSE4 routines ported from KMD (which was ported from BTC), enabled with --enable-experimental-asm=yes
  • debug.log no longer containts a log2_stake column, code which processes Hush debug.log may need modification
  • New --hardfork-height CLI option for devs+notaries to set the next hardfork height via CLI, for testing purposes

SHA256 sums

3f0d4d4fa68f0725253ecf7686e48923ca85ae584b388ed63a1b6a4c48fd2b6a hush-3.3.0-mac.dmg
bb97932509a600fb832f6694b3f40bb6de151bb160d0f83548b63f493801b34c hush-3.3.0-linux.tar.xz
8035e0ef8ace587eb12a481a5fd994554894da65f10c58ebeedf450da3e659d3 hush-3.3.0-amd64.deb

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