Retrieve battery diagnostic data from your smart electric drive EV.
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ED BMSdiag

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Retrieve battery diagnostic data from your smart electric drive EV. Get a Status Report to rate the health of the battery or dig into more detailed measurements.

Further documentation in the Wiki.

The development is now finished with the final release of v1.0.1 .

The software will only work on the third generation Smart electric drive vehicle build from late 2012 to mid 2015.

You need

An Arduino with CAN bus shield to connect to the diagnostics port (OBDII-connector) of your car. Find information about usable CAN-Shields here. If you have trouble getting a CAN connection please see the Troubleshooting and Tips section.

Get the hardware and use an appropriate cable for the physical connection. See the schematics for making your own cable.

Get started

  • Download the repo-ZIP, then copy the files to your Arduino folder (location depends on OS). The folder structure should look like this:

  • Open the ED_BMSdiag.ino file and compile / upload it to the Arduino board.

  • Find detailed installation instructions in: english | german.

Verified to work with Arduino IDE 1.8.4 (on OS X 10.12 and WIN-Systems)

Usage >on your own risk<

Connect the CAN shield to the OBDII-connector and power up the car.

This simple tool will display the diagnostics via a serial USB connection. The readout will be started by entering commands after the prompt. See the Wiki for further details of the CLI.

You need to open the serial monitor of the Arduino-IDE. Verify that it is set to CR = Carriage Return and the baud rate is 115200.

Version history

version comment
v1.0.1 Final Release - Project finished. Small bugfixes and improvements:
... Battery Status Flag shows health status of the pack [OK, FAULT].
... Outliners count in box plot now excludes min- / max-values.
... Battery Status Report optimized with hints for better charging / capacity measurement.
v0.9.2 Final Release Canidate with bugfixes and new features. Please reload all files (including library files) !!!
all command in MAIN menue will run all test.
rpt command will get a Battery Status Report. This completed feature #12.
v0.7.1 Now showing outliners count in the box plot. Feature #13 completed. See Wiki for description.
v0.7.0 please reload all files (including library files) !!!
Now the cell voltage distribution is shown as box plot in the bms all query and some new features are implemented:
... in the CLI the input is no more case sensitive
... the local echo can be disabled with the ECHO-switch in the ED_BMSdiag.h
v0.6.2 Standard charger now implemented as OBL command in CLI (feature #11):
... use from CMD >> prompt with the command obl all to get all readouts from the LEAR OnBoardLoader. See ? for help in all menu levels and take a look at the Command Reference of the Wiki.
... THX to erich & AlterAmi for their support
v0.6.0 Some new features and minor bug fixes:
... make runtime memory more efficient by skipping unused data (>200 bytes saved during cell readout). See feature #9
... show Factory Acceptance Testing date of the completed battery
... tested / corrected display of negative cooling-temperatures (done in wintertime)
v0.5.6 Fixed memory leak issue #8.
v0.5.5 NLG6 fast charger SW revisions and HW PN now reported (see issue #7).
... power calculation now updated in BMS submenu (#5 fixed)
... canDiag-Library updated to real time data of drivetrain (#6, not used by now in this project)
v0.5.2 NLG6 fast charger is now detected by hardware part number.
... power calculation now corrected
v0.5.1 Small bugfix for logging min, max HV-Voltage not updating
... added HV-Ri to logging values
... new readout for cooling fan (RPM / OTR)
v0.5.0 Added a CLI and new readouts:
... NLG6 fast charger
... Cooling- and other subsystems
... Logging function
v0.4.2 Please reload all files !
Bugfix for Average-Template memory bug > rewritten to AvgNew-Class
... This version uses dynamic memory allocation, so monitor free memory (between heap and stack) if you make modifications!
v0.4.0 New canDiag class structure and BMS_dfs.h for BMS specific code.
v0.3.9b Now using semantic versioning (old files unchanged)
v0.39b Fixed type cast bug HVcontactor-timer.
v0.39 Optimized memory usage to gain ~ 560 Bytes of SRAM for more features.

(For more entries see