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Nproc: Process pool implementation for OCaml

A master process creates a pool of N processes. Tasks can be submitted asynchronously as a function f and its argument x. As soon as one of the processes is available, it computes f x and returns the result.

This library allows to take advantage of multicore architectures by message-passing and without blocking. Its implementation relies on fork, pipes, Marshal and Lwt.

Implementation status:

  • interface may still be subject to slight changes;
  • passed a few units tests;
  • used stream interface successfully at full scale.

Performance status:

  • observed 5x speedup on 8 cores when converting a stream of lines from one file to another. A task consisted in parsing a line, converting the record, doing one in-RAM database lookup per record, and printing the new record. Throughput was 50K records per second, using a granularity of 100 records per task.

Do not hesitate to submit experience reports, either good or bad, and interface suggestions before it is too late.