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MyMICDS-v2 for all of your MyMICDS.needs



To start development on MyMICDS-v2, you must first run npm update in the main project directory. This downloads all the dependencies for the project.


You must also setup a config file locally on every machine you develop on. This stores credentials for the project including database credentials, api keys, etc. Refer to src/libs/config.js.example and copy that into a new file under src/libs/config.js with the proper information filled out in the JSON. The config file is included in the .gitignore, so you don't have to worry about accidentally committing the project's credentials.


You can type node src/index.js to start the server, and press Ctrl + C twice in order to exit.

Run npm run docs to build documentation.

For Development

In order for your back-end code to take affect in a node.js application, you must restart it. We recommend you install an npm package called Nodemon during development. It will automatically restart the application when it detects a change in one of the files. In order to install and run nodemon, type the following:

$ npm install -g nodemon
$ nodemon

However, this is not completely necessary. Running npm start will launch a program called pm2, which does the same thing as Nodemon. However, pm2 makes the process run in the background. In order to view the console, use the command npm run console.

MyMICDS API for Front-end and Mobile App

Documentation for the different JSON API endpoints [can be found here.](API


  • Angular front-end
  • Mobile App
  • Holiday Backgrounds
  • Organize Daily Bulletin Archives by year
  • Fetch other important emails to display besides Daily Bulletin?
  • Email notification if something goes really bad in the back-end, or an error keeps on occurring.
  • MyMICDS Notes - Create a Google Doc or something for each class that everyone can collaborate on

Module Ideas

  • Snow day calculator
  • Countdown with three modes
    • Until weekend
    • Until break
    • Until school ends
  • TODO Bulletin point list
  • Quick access add events to planner
  • Embed Web 2.0 Calc
  • Quick links (maybe user can customize link + icon?)

Other Repositories


Angular front-end for the MyMICDS website.


MyMICDS-Mobile is for our hybrid mobile app. That means it runs on both iOS and Android.


Wanna become a developer on the team? Shoot us an email at! We'll pretty much accept anyone and everyone so don't be shy!

For any other questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions, you can also contact

Join programming Club. (please)

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