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AR01e racing simulation chassis
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Engineers Notes


This is the project directory for the AR01e prototype racing simulation chassis. The Ar01e is an open source hardware project. All the electronic files needed to assembly the hardware will be listed in this repository

AR01e What is it? The AR01e is a racing simulation chassis. It is a welded light steel structure used to build a racing simulator. It is desdigned to replicate the full sized driver's compartment in a race car. It has mounts for a computer wheel controller and suitable full sized single seat car seat (bucket style).

What is in this repository? This repository (will) hold all the electronic files needed to build this structure or have this structure fabricated. These include blueprints with construction details and specifications. A build sheet will also be furnished with materials needed.

This hardware design is being released under the guidelines of the Open Source Hardware Association and developed under the guidelines of the association's definiton and guidelines for open source hardware. for more information go to


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