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Check list for globalization inside InMoov service

About chatbot, there are 2 things.

  • Global chatbot, this is the general brain of your robot. You ask something and robot answer you... You can translate other language chatbot, or write your own.
  • Inmoov files. Like : _inmoovGestures.aiml . This is a common file related to InMoov. This one is very important because inside you can find every "gestures" used by inmoov. Like "Da Vinci" or "Open you left hand" .
    Exemple :
    ( chatobot/en )
    <pattern>OPEN YOUR RIGHT HAND</pattern>
    ( chatbot/it )
    <pattern>APRI LA TUA MANO DESTRA</pattern>

_inmoovChatBot.aiml . Inside this file you can find "First initialization" routine.

Ohh, if you find something like : SYSTEM_XXX , don't translate it ! This is used by the system. Just translate the awnsers . Ex :
<srai>HI</srai> ( english ) // <srai>salut</srai> ( Français ) // etc ...

If you translate something dont forget to share your mods for others on github ! ( develop branch )

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