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✏️ MyScript Interactive Ink examples and user interface reference implementation for iOS platforms.
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What is it about?

Interactive Ink SDK is the best way to integrate handwriting recognition capabilities into your iOS application. Interactive Ink extends digital ink to allow users to more intuitively create, interact with, and share content in digital form. Handwritten text, mathematical equations or even diagrams are interpreted in real-time to be editable via simple gestures, responsive and easy to convert to a neat output.

This repository contains a "get started" (in both Objective-C and Swift), a complete example (in Objective-C) and a reference implementation of the iOS integration part (in Objective-C) that developers using Interactive Ink SDK can reuse inside their projects.

Getting started


This getting started section has been tested with Xcode 9 and supports iOS 9+. Cocoapods needs to be installed on your computer. We advise using a Cocoapods 1.5.0 or later. It will allow you to get rid of use_frameworks!, in order to use our pod together with pure swift pods or other pods that previously required use_frameworks!.


  1. Clone the examples repository  git clone

  2. Claim a certificate to receive the free license to start develop your application by following the first steps of Getting Started

  3. Copy this certificate to Examples/GetStarted/GetStarted/MyScriptCertificate/MyCertificate.c, Examples/GetStartedSwift/GetStartedSwift/MyScriptCertificate/MyCertificate.c, and Examples/Demo/Demo/MyScriptCertificate/MyCertificate.c

Building your own integration

This repository provides you with a ready-to-use reference implementation of the iOS integration part, covering aspects like ink capture and rendering. It is located in IInkUIReferenceImplementation directory and can be simply added to your project by appending the following line to your pod file:

pod "MyScriptInteractiveInk-UIReferenceImplementation"


A complete guide is available on MyScript Developer website. The API Reference is available directly in Xcode once the dependencies are downloaded.


You may experience build fail when upgrading Xcode (e.g.: getting arm64 link error when upgrading from Xcode 9.2 to Xcode 9.3). Cleaning the project should be enough to fix the problem: in Xcode select menu "Product" / "Clean" and then "Product" / "Clean build folder...", accessible by pressing alt key.

Getting support, giving feedback

You can get some support or give feedback from the dedicated section on MyScript Developer website.

Something to show?

Made a cool app with Interactive Ink? Ready to cross join our marketing efforts? We would love to hear about you! We’re planning to showcase apps powered by MyScript technology so let us know by sending a quick mail to


We welcome your contributions: If you would like to extend those examples for your needs, feel free to fork it! Please sign our Contributor License Agreement before submitting your pull request.

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